How to improve concentration in games and life

Posted: December 02nd 2016

"Hi Frankie, how can I improve my son's concentration during a game? In yesterday's game he basically went into a daze and the game went by him thanks, Andrew”


How long have we got? Ha ha

Firstly, I’m sure a lot of parents (and coaches) can relate to...

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Have you ever gone through an experience that wakes you up a bit?

Posted: November 23rd 2016

I’ve had a break-through few months. A number of things going on personally that gave me the gave the drive to re-focus and spend more time thinking about what I’m doing with my life and with The Champion’s Soccer Academy.

When I was a kid trying to make my way in Football I would have...

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‘Peer pressure’ is a funny thing…

Posted: November 04th 2016

'Peer pressure' is a funny thing...


We're wired as human beings to 'need' to fit in apparently - a relic of our days of cavemen and women where we lived in small 'tribes' and stepping out of line could have meant being 'done in' by the Alpha Male of the group.


Young Footballers...

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Posted: September 19th 2016

"What a night of coaching! A 1-on-1 with a player who is transforming in front of our eyes, getting more focused, developing a better attitude and as a result is progressing at a rate of knots. Then, a real high quality group session on the Foundation Programme. Focused on passing,...

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How changing the way you deal with ‘mistakes’ can help make you a better player…

Posted: August 30th 2016

1. Remember it's ok to make mistakes. We're all gonna be making them for the rest of our lives so we may as well get used to them. It's how we deal with them and how quickly we can 'move on' that matters

2. Mistakes can be valuable 'learning experiences' that can make us better. When...

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Head up!

Posted: August 27th 2016

Why do we say to players 'head up'?

When you’re ‘in your head’ or have your head down looking at the ball, you can’t SEE what’s going on around you. And SEEING what’s going on around you is a KEY skill

‘How much space do I have?’

‘Where are my passing options?’

‘Can I beat this man 1 v...

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Ball and a Wall Practice (Video 6)

Posted: August 24th 2016

Here's the last in our series of 6 Skills videos using a Ball and a Wall. Now we bring everything together. Receiving the ball under pressure from a defender, shielding if necessary and turning into the space left behing by a defender.

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Ball and a Wall Practice (Video 5)

Posted: August 17th 2016

The challenge in this video is to know what's behind you as the ball is travelling towards you and before you take your 1st touch. It's also about getting into a good 'start' position to get ready for each pass. In relation to a real game, this exercise could replicate a defender...

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Ball and a Wall Practice (Video 4)

Posted: August 10th 2016

Practice (A) - Partner Ralleys - kee the momentum going with passing ad getting back to a good 'start position' (i.e. somewhere where you can see, and have the time and space to get ready for, the next pass off the wall...usually somewhere in the middle and towards the back - think of...

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Ball and a Wall Practice (Video 3)

Posted: August 03rd 2016

Video 1 and 2 was about developing touch, control and passing. Video 3 is about playing '1 touch'. No control and then pass, just pass, pass, pass 1st time. This is a harder skill to perform but is important to be able to do the higher level you go up in Football. Premier League players...

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