Ball and a Wall Practice (Video 2)

Posted: July 26th 2016

Ball and a Wall Practice 2 is about getting more touches on the ball by coming a lot closer to the wall and building up a nice rhythm using different parts of each foot.

We work with players from all over Swansea, and South Wales, and without doubt the ones who improve their skills and...

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Ball and a Wall Practice (Video 1)

Posted: July 20th 2016

Lots of players want to improve their skills in between sessions but often don't know how... At TCSA, We've created a series of SIX videos to help you improve your passing, control and turning. We progress from simple passing and control to more advanced practices. Here's video 1:


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Dare to Dream…

Posted: July 04th 2016

"Dream. Don't be afraid to have dreams. Four years ago I was as far away from this as you can imagine, if you work hard enough and you're not afraid to dream...and your not afraid to fail..."

Wales manager Chris Coleman said this after last night's incredible showing from Wales' Football...

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When Zak Put Reuben Straight

Posted: June 24th 2016

This is what TCSA U7 players Rueben said

when he found out we were doin Yoga...(again)


“Oh no! Yoga hurts. It can put you in hospital”


Thankfully, TCSA U8 advanced player Zak jumped in before I could....


“No, no...” said Zak. “Yoga keeps you out of hospital Rueben”



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What Happened to Kori?

Posted: April 21st 2016

Pictured: Kori Parker on the Bus to Fulham FC

Personal Message From Frankie

No video today

I'm feeling a bit rough and looking a bit scary (yes even more than normal) so gonna give it a miss.
I have got some CRACKING news for you though...
It's about the young fella in the photo...

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When Its Good To Be A Bad Loser

Posted: April 14th 2016

It was like coming home...

'This is how it's supposed to be done' I kept thinking...

See...not all Football Academies are created equal.

"A place of higher learning" is what an Academy is meant to be.

And right up there as one of the highest 'seats of learning' in UK Football is...

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Good Enough is Good Enough

Posted: February 25th 2016

A Personal Message From Frankie

Just back from a few days down the Gower with Rachel.
Llanmadoc in North Gower. What a view from where we were staying...
Over looking the Dunes and the Sea.
We even climbed up a Rock and meditated. Rock n' roll lovely it was.
Apart from that we...

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Why Can’t We Be Happy For Them…?

Posted: February 05th 2016

We've all done it.

I know I have.

Loads of times.

Instead of being happy for people's 'success'…

We 'bitch and moan' about them.

Pick holes in them, the way they go about it or
the 'fact' that they don't deserve it.

It's definitely a British thing, but I'm sure we don't
have a...

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Is It About Winning Or Development?

Posted: December 17th 2015

Went to meet my old man yesterday afternoon...
Had a bit of food and a chat in Wind Street.
My Dad, or 'Buzz' as he's known by a lot of people
is like one of the boys. He's always been
someone I can talk to easily...

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How to Get Fit For Football (Video Interview)

Posted: December 17th 2015

I'm late with this week's video...BUT there's a very important
reason for it...
I had a chance to catch up with my mate Nick Jones.
Nick is from Wrexham and spent time as a young Goal-Keeper
at Everton FC training with former World Number , Neville
I didn't want to turn the...

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