Posted: July 15th 2015

Here's one for your son to stick up on his bedroom wall and use as a guide to improve his performance:


10 'Take Your Game To The Next Level' Break-Through Secrets For Players Who Want To Be The Best


1.Prepare the night before a game or session – all your kit, snacks, clothes and drinks – NEVER rely on your parents to get things ready for you. They are busy with loads of other stuff (aren't you Mam and Dad?)


2. Spend 5 minutes thinking about the game / session – the night before and on the morning of the game. Sit down in a comfortable, quiet place and think of everything you want to do well – your first touch, control of the ball, passing moving, shooting talking etc. Make pictures in your mind of all of these things going well.


3. Eat and drink well.  Eat lots of fruit and veg and drink plenty of water (preferably filtered). Fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolates are NOT eaten every day by top Footballers for a reason...


4. Do well at school. Everyone says it’s good to have other options in case you don’t make it, which is true. But doing well in school will make you a better player. An intelligent player is a better player


5. Take something from each training session and game no matter what the score. You always want to win. It is important to be competitive. It’s also important to learn from everything that happens. ‘Good’ or ‘bad’, experiences can make you stronger and better if you take the learning from them


6. Do you want to have the most energy you could possibly have? Get to bed on time.  7pm will give you the most energy for training and games.


7. Encourage your teammates – how good do you feel when someone helps you, encourages you and supports you? Well, imagine how good you could make your teammates feel when YOU support them! The more supported they feel the better they will play. They better they play, the better YOU will play.


8. Always give your best. Even if you are losing, its raining and especially if you 'think' your teammates are not as good as you.  Most football players play better when playing with better players...and better players often get frustrated by playing with 'lesser' players. But the truth is: TOP players,  enjoy the responsibility of setting the standard for everyone else. Even if they are pining for better players to play with, they still carry the fight!


9. Watch your heroes on TV and then go out and copy their skills. That’s the way you learned to walk and talk and do a million and one other things...Just make sure you are COPYING the best players...and ONLY copy the bits worth copying as 'nobody is perfect'.


10. Practice, practice, practice. Get better at something you can already do. Or have a go at something you've never done before.


Encourage your son to focus on one of these 10 secrets each week until it becomes a habit, before moving onto the next.


Let us know how it goes


Speak soon


PS - We are now almost set for the Welsh Super Cup and have two week's left in training before a week's break - go here to check the rest of 2015's calendar.
We will be selecting players for TCSA Advanced 4 to 1 Training squads in the next week via email (By Friday 24th July).