Posted: March 16th 2017

I’ve got 3

tips for helping you to boost your child's

confidence. You may even use some of

these already...


But let’s look at each one with a

‘Frankie Fresh’ pair of eyes…


1. Talk About Success


Working on ourselves and improving

ourselves is vital if we want to be

great, but how many of us forget to

acknowledge our successes?


I know I do.


Sometimes we get so focused on

‘what we could have done better’ that

we forget ‘what we’ve done well’


I’m not talking about ‘living in the past’.


I’m talking about remembering how

how well we’ve done in the past and

therefore what we are capable of now and

in the future.


After each session, match (school-day,



Help them focus on what they’ve done

well and what they’ve enjoyed so they

look at ‘getting better from a position

of personal power and strength.



2. Face challenges head on.



A powerful way to boost your child's

confidence is to encourage them to

face challenges, problems and fears

‘head on’.


When a child is allowed to

avoid challenges, problems and



They miss out on learning essential

problem-solving skills.


Problems and fears become WAY

bigger than they need to be.


And if this is allowed to become a

habit, their confidence drops.


And they avoid things they want to

do because of 'little things' that have

built up into BIG things.


Encourage them to be honest about

their problems, challenges and fears…


And accept them.


They are much more likely to accept

themselves - even if they have

certain weaknesses – if you accept them.


They'll have the ability to be

honest about those weaknesses, and

be ‘free’ to make them better.



3. A ‘Safe’ Environment



A ‘Safe’ environment is crucial to the

confidence of any child. It

provides them with a space where

they can feel comfortable being



Free to make mistakes and learn from



To see adults, parents, teachers and

Coaches making mistakes too…


And show ‘it’s ok’. We're all human.


Here's a bonus 4th tip...



Give your child activities where they

achieve things they never

thought they could.


This is exactly what kids do in our

Skills and Confidence-Boosting

Coaching Sessions.


In the beginning they feel a bit

out of touch and awkward as they

learn new skills.


And then step-by-step…


(sometimes taking steps back…before

taking giant leaps forward)


They surprise others and even themselves

with what they're capable of.


If you'd like to give your child

this experience – The Champion’s Soccer

Academy, Swansea could be the perfect


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Have a cracking day




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