Posted: October 05th 2015

Got a great question from Chris this morning:


“I realise my boy may not ‘make it’ as a Pro but

I want to help him be the best he can be”


I know a lot of parents that are just thinking swans

and pro academy's. But they are too young, still


It’s great to see a parent thinking carefully about

the best route for his son to take, instead of blindly

following ’the crowd’.


Chris has correctly identified that being with a Pro

Club at a young age is not the be-all-and-end-all.


At the same time, Chris wants to make sure his son

develops in the best way…and maybe one day ‘gets



After all, he made his decision NOT to follow the

crowd in his son’s best interests, not because he’s

too lazy to take him.


Chris is proactive about helping his son.


And wants to know the steps his son needs to take

to develop to his full potential.


As it happens, I’ve created a step-by-step system

that ANY player can follow to meet his FULL potential

as a player.


I’ll get to that in a second. For it to work though...


You need TWO foundation blocks in place:


1. Get the best coaching you can get your hands on


Chris is already doing that for his son as he’s enrolled

him at TCSA. This means his son is benefitting from

UEFA A and B Licence Coaches with decades of experience

At all levels from grass-roots to Pro Clubs


Plus we work on wider aspects of development that are

missed elsewhere…


Like optimum physical development – the ABC’s agility,

balance and coordination


2. Find the best environment for your son to develop in


This means an environment based around LEARNING.


Not win-at-all-costs and not with parents screaming and

shouting from the sidelines.


Get those areas sorted and if your son has the right attitude

and has developed a certain level of competence, he will

be ready for TCSA’s proven step-by-step system for

squeezing every last drop out of potential


3. TCSA Curriculum & Grading


One of the challenges I found working with young aspiring

Players whether that was inside or outside a Pro Club is that

Players (and of course parents) didn’t know EXACTLY how

close they are to ‘Academy standard’.


And to compound the problem. They might be closer in some

areas than they are in others (which most players are).


That’s why I created 6 levels from in FIVE KEY areas of the


Ball Skills
Game Understanding
Physical Development
Team Skills

Any player going through this system will know exactly where

he’s at and what he needs to do to get to the next level…


How do you access it?


You need to be on TCSA’s Advanced Small-Group Training



We are already FULL in 3 out of 5 groups with just one or
two spaces left in the other two.
APPLY HERE if you want your son to receive a step-by-step
plan to reach his potential:


Have a great day



PS - The 'Advanced Groups' are ony for ambitious players who are

already competent at club level.