Posted: August 08th 2015

Nothing gets my alarm bells ringing in kids Football

than the following statement:


‘We haven’t lost a game in 2 years’




Because I know that the players in that team are probably

getting WAY too comfortable.


They are missing out on the lessons that ONLY defeat

can provide.


In our culture, when you’re winning – everything is

great .


If you’re losing, everyone is suicidal.


And we MISS the magical learning experiences that

BOTH can bring.


Pressure to perform without focus on learning and developing

(as is common in kids junior Football) will only produce

players who grow up with invisible shackles on


That's why they need a balance between learning to

learn (to add 'tools' to your game)...


And learning to Perform (to enable you to bring out

what you've got when you need it - this can be a 'good

kind of pressure when kids are exposed at the right

times and not too frequently ...)


A balance that is hard to strike bang on but is easier

to do when you have experienced professional

coaches and like-minded, hungry to learn players


TCSA Advanced Groups




Have a great weekend




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