Posted: May 01st 2015

Got this the other night off Andrew Pelosi.
Now, Andrew is our fixtures secretary. But he is also Father of 3 boys - Joey, Louie and Reuben.
All of them are TCSA Members.
Joe is the eldest and we have been working hard with him on his Confidence.
Like a lot of players, he has so much talent there to squeeze out.
But now he is starting to 'let it all hang out'....

"Hi Frankie, I think we've seen a huge breakthrough moment with Joe tonight. School cup final against Bishopston. Tight game first half with no goals. Both teams working hard and not able to break the
deadlock. First minute of 2nd half, Bish score!
Within 5 minutes they net another from a corner, 3 players left free at the back! Ball comes to Joe on edge of the box and he slams it into the top left corner with his right. Whole team lifted and game
on! Next thing, the breakthrough moment, ball comes high across the outer edges of the box, Joe's first touch with his right, it bounces once to volley slammed over the keeper and dipped.
How many times have I heard 'Joe thinks too much'. Tonight that changed, quick action and results, He has very proud parents, brothers, Papa and Uncle who watched intensely. Bish had another breakthrough and game finished 3 - 2 to them.
Where does all this come from?
Consistent and persistent training with TCSA.
I am sure there is plenty more to come.
Thanks to the coaching team."


There's something very posh about the way 'Westies' (our friends from the West of Swansea) abbreviate Bishopston with 'Bish' (what what old boy...? ha ha)
Sorry Andrew couldn't resist...
But what a break-through!
Joe has had lots of 'break-throughs' recently.
He is building momentum all the time.
He is training with TCSA up to 3 times per week now and it is starting to pay off.
His goals are clearer in his mind.
He's getting rid of the baggage that was weighing him down.
He's letting out his 'inner lion'.
When your son's ready to let out his 'inner lion'...

Speak soon


PS - Finally starting to get on top of all the events we have coming up over the next month or so...
Had a few 'tech' problems this week that has questioned my 'Growth Mindset'.
Have you bought the book by Carol Dweck yet?
I've got the Audio CD in the car at the moment.
I can't think of a more powerful book for to empower you to help your son grow up a strong, happy and successful person whether in sport or in life.
Here's the link to go an buy it - MINDSET