Posted: August 12th 2015

‘So what do you do for a living?’


The answer we give to this question is interesting

isn’t it?


Because the standard answer is to say…


‘I’m a Football Coach’


Or… a ‘Personal Trainer’


A ‘Butcher, a Baker a Candle-Stick-Maker’


(Didn’t even mean for that to rhyme…but

it did…NICE ha ha)


But if I say my colleagues and me at TCSA are ‘

‘Just Football Coaches’, I’m doing you a





Because, I’m not opening your eyes up to

what your son can BE, DO and HAVE on and

off the pitch…


It’s easy to SAY that playing sports like Football

makes you a better person but it’s a lot harder

to make that actually WORK in practice.


Kids don’t become better people by chuckin’ ‘em

a ball and telling them to get on with it.


There’s a few things ‘against us’.


The Football ‘Industry’ is full

of all sorts of B.S.


The media circus.


Spoiled Pro players setting a bad example.


At local level…


Anti-social parents and coaches errorising kids

at junior Matches.


Oooofh. It’s a mine field.


***Like anything else in life though…


‘It aint what you do it’s the way that you do it’


And at TCSA, we do it DIFFERENTLY.

That’s why…we're the people who will:

Get him to put his hand up in class
Help him stand up to bullies once and for all.
Make him feel he can do ANYTHING in life
Never be held back by fears...ever again

 (Doesn’t mean he won’t feel fear, he just won’t

be held back anymore)

Get him to focus and learn discipline so he can..
Achieve whatever he sets his mind to

Leaving him with no excuses as to why

he can’t be the BEST he can be on and off the pitch

(because we’ve got all the ‘tools’ he needs)


Perhaps most of all…


We’ll help him learn about HIM.


And to LIKE what he ‘SEES’ in the mirror.


(One of the biggest indicators of his success as a player

and person.)


People spend THOUSANDS on cosmetic surgery these days.


But as Maxwell Maltz, former Cosmetic Surgeon and founder

of Self-Image training ‘Psycho-Cybernetics’ found it doesn’t

guarantee ‘inner confidence’ and happiness.


We focus on developing players from the ‘inside

out’ at TCSA.


Of course, the difference between our Coaching and cosmetic

surgery is, there’s no ‘quick-fix’.


It’s a JOURNEY that takes TIME...


And is there to be ENJOYED by your son and the whole family.


Not EVERYONE will enjoy it though...


Not everyone wants to be the best they can be.


Not everyone understands the deep impact proper coaching

can have on a young person's life.




Speak soon




PS - We're finished with our weekly evening sessions now

until September.


Our Holiday Programme starting next week is now FULL.


We are also hosting a Festival next week, with some excellent

teams coming to test themselves against us


If you wanna get started in September, now is the time to

get booked in as we are pretty much packed out for our

weekly training groups, apart from a couple of spaces in

one or two slots