Posted: May 19th 2015

"It's hard to get up at 6am when you're wearing silk



Marvin Hagler said that.


My old man's mate The Yowl (don't ask) always quotes

it when we're out on a saturday afternoon


Thought of it yesterday when I went for my 5am run in

the rain ha ha


Also made me think of Spurs player Ben Davies.


When Ben Davies broke into the first team at Swansea

City, he used to get busted on by the other players for

being the only player still with wind down windows...


A relic from his Trainee days.


I was fortunate to work with Ben and get to know him a



He was, and still is, a very humble bloke.


Confident as well...but never flash.


Always respectful.

Ben is the perfect example of the 'Dark Horse' I was

talking about the other day...


(CLICK HERE if you want to read that article)


There were plenty of 'Show Ponies' in the same

youth team.


Flash players...


But in terms of attitude they were a million miles

away from Ben.


This is what Alan Tate said about Ben Davies:


"He doesn't come into training with a Louis Vuitton

washbag or a Gucci belt, he's a down-to-earth boy

who deserves the rewards he's getting now.


"He knows he's got a long way to go and has done

nothing really yet.


"He will know you don't get a career until you make

100 appearances, he's got to build it.


"But he's a nice lad and has got a good chance of

being a very good player."


I remember working with the Swans Youth team...


Doing sessions on Mental Skills.


It was part classroom based and part out on the field.


Ben was comfortable in either environment.


Some of the 'show ponies' struggled with classroom



Started messing about or just switching off.


Some were a bit embarrassed by it...but were

trying to cover it up by acting all 'Billy Big Time'


Not Ben Davies though. He was there to get something

out of it. He tells me to this day...he still uses some of

the techniques I introduced him to...


He was curious (and not afraid to show it either)


He stood up and spoke in front of everyone about

we were learning.


Spoke confidently.


Like Joe Allen, Ben is intelligent and focused with a

growth mindset.


If more of our young players focused on developing these

qualities - and were helped to do so by their coaches

and parents...


Without doubt...MORE players would make the break-

through into the top level of the game.

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