Posted: July 22nd 2015

Last night  one of our players shared some fantastic



Which I’ll tell you about in a sec.


But before I tell you, I want to give you the ‘typical



Player goes to trial and doesn’t get selected




Player doesn’t get picked for an advanced squad




Player gets dropped from the team




Player gets released from the Academy


The typical reaction is…


‘What a joke’


‘These people don’t know what they’re doing’


‘I didn’t get a fair chance’


And of course…


Sometimes they’re right. Things haven’t been

done ‘properly’ by the ‘powers that be’ in



But for a young, aspiring player trying to make

their way in the game… to leave it at that you

may as well put the shackles on yourself.


Haven’t been picked?


The question is ‘what are you gonna do about it?’


Are you gonna complain, moan and whine…?


Or are you going to become so good that they

just HAVE to pick you next time…?


Kian Evans did just that.


Always a player with ‘potential’.


He realised ‘potential’ is quite a common thing

to have


(We all have potential)


But Kian asked a great question when he got

rejected at last year’s Swansea Schoolboys’

Trials. ..


He came to us at TCSA and literally asked us


‘What do I need to do to improve?’


‘What do I need to do to achieve my goal?’


NOW we have a starting point.


You see, players can, and do, always benefit

From being in a good environment.


That’s one way to develop.


But there’s another way to develop that is

even more important…


Deciding to learn as much as you can from



To do this, it’s a requirement that you realize

‘I’m not as good as I could be yet’…


And that’s where a lot of players fall down.


They don’t want to know what they could do

better because they believe that it is an attack

on them.


Like a lot of players what needed to change

with Kian was his attitude.


Always a nice boy and a pleasure to be around.


But what has changed is his DESIRE to learn.


His ‘coachability’ has gone through the roof.


Because he recognizes the advantages that

quality coaching can bring.


He has developed real humility.

Always thanks us at the end of a session or

a match.


Always asks us for feedback ‘How am I doing?’


And that’s why he’s now on the path to



‘When the student is ready the teacher will

appear’ kind of stuff.


And Kian has been rewarded with a place in

The 2015/2016 Swansea Schoolboys team


Well done Kian!


Have a cracking day




P.S. You can see a photo of Kian here


Kian will be one of the boys in contention

to train in our advanced coaching groups

starting from September.


Players will be selected on Friday and

Invites sent out over the weekend.


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