Posted: May 12th 2015

Six years ago, I had just come ‘off the sick’ after four years..

For most of those 4 years I was house-bound and about 3 stone underweight.

I was literally dragging myself off the floor and putting my life back together.

In the early days of TCSA

I didn’t even have a Car to get to my sessions.

I used to borrow my brother Billy’s car to get there…

You had to get in on the passenger’s side and climb across to the drivers’ side because the drivers’ door was knackered.

Usually, I’d drop the car back to Billy in St Thomas, and he’s drop me back to Landore from there…

Plenty of times the car broke down.

A couple of times I’d get back to Billy’s and he’d be up to his eyes in it with his kids…

Couldn’t drop me home.

So there’s Franco lugging all his balls and equipment from St Thomas to Landore at half 9 in the night, on foot.

(I’ve had more car trouble recently and it’s brought these memories flooding back ha ha!)

The last 5 years has been a mad time to say the least.

I’ve worked STUPID hours.

I’ve gone without food plenty of times…

Sometimes because I was ‘skint’.

Other times, because I just FORGOT to eat.

(And if you knew how much I LOVE food, you’d know how significant that is ha ha)

My girlfriend Rachel says to me “I wish I had your drive”

Usually as she’s procrastinating with another essay for her Uni Course… (she always gets it done in the end though!)

So where does my drive come from?

Well I’ve always been a passionate person.

But without doubt, my drive comes from the the experience of overcoming an ‘incurable’ illness.

In 4 years of being house bound…the one thing I had was time on my hands…

Time to THINK.

About what I REALLY wanted to do with my life.

And despite the fact that I didn’t even like a lot of things about the ‘Football Industry’…

I couldn’t hide the fact that Football was where my passion was and where I felt I could make the biggest difference to people’s lives.

In overcoming, the illness I had, I developed incredible focus and discipline.

In my search to sort my health out...

I also developed a lot of new skills…which put my already pretty decent coaching on ‘steroids’ - meaning I was able to reliably and predictably get amazing results with the kids’ I was working with.

At TCSA, I put together a team of coaches with proven track records of producing quality players and people.

With 16 players signed by Pro Clubs since then I feel like we’re only just warming up...

PS - On Thursday May 28th 6pm @ The Dragon Hotel we'll be celebrating our Players' Achievements in 2014/2015. We have a very special guest in Malcolm Cook - former Liverpool FC Youth Boss and producer of top talent.
We're also excited to be launching our NEW Elite Groups on the same night.
There are a limited number of seats available for subscribers of our daily emails (we have to keep 100+ seats for our Members and their families).
Get in touch today and we'll keep you a seat.
PS - I'm gonna tell you a bit more about MalcolmCook tomorrow...and his mate Billy Big Balls...