Posted: October 04th 2015

Had a great day yesterday.

Watched the Swans U18’s fight out a 0 – 0 draw with

Arsenal U18’s with my old man Buzz.


Then me and my bro Patrick took my sister Bev

down to Caswell Beach.


Bev lives in supported accommodation now. She

needs round the clock care as she has severe

learning difficulties.


Always a joy to be around though.


Loves a laugh Bev.


(And a cwtch.)

ANYWAY, Sunday is DIY day for me and my girlfriend



We’re going over to our new house to clear out a load

of rubbish to the tip.


By the end of the month, we should be in our new



It’s starting to take shape.


We made a deal when we bought it that Rachel would do

all the ‘head work’ with the house.


Planning out what it’s gonna look like, the colours, the

flooring the whole shlamonka.


She knows that I’ve got enough on my plate running

TCSA, so she’s been brilliant.


Thankfully, she LOVES it.


Even when I’ve got the time…


I’m useless at that sort of stuff at the best of times. I’ll

have a go and will work my ass of luggin bricks about,

strippin wallpaper, mixin cement an all that.


But ask me to do any ‘skilled labour’ and you’re asking

for trouble.


That’s why we got ‘the experts in’.


Plasterers, Carpenters, Plumbers, Window Fitters.

Surveyors, Architects. Electricians…


Even a Tree Surgeon.




And they are all Pros in their field.


Rachel was insistent that she didn’t want anyone

doin it ‘on the ‘obble’ .


Not for moral reasons…


She just knows that you run the risk of people doing a

half-arsed job. Letting you down. Not turning up.


You know the ones I’m on about.  Cowboys.


We want a house that’s BUILT TO LAST.


Where am I going with this…?


Nowhere really…it’s just all we talk about at the

moment so I just wanna get it off my chest. Ha ha


Only Jokin…


As usual, I’m zooming in on YOUR son’s potential

as a Football player and a person.


Do you want him to have a career that’s BUILT TO



Unlike the thousands of players who leave the game

in their droves ‘burned out’ and defeated in the teen-

age years


Do you want him to have SKILLS that are BUILT TO



An ATTITUDE to the game and to life that is BUILT

to last?


Parents tell me all the time about taking their

kids to some places where coaches spend all their

time talking on the phone when they should be

coaching the kid.


These ‘Cowboy Coaches' have got so many ‘irons in

the fire’, your kid just turns out to be just another



ENROL HERE to make sure your Football-Mad son

lays the foundations for a Football Career that’s BUILT



Happy Sunday




PS - Once we're done down the new house, I'm off

to watch the Swans with my Mam.


Nice to be spending a bit more time with my family.


What are you up to today?