Posted: September 05th 2015

Welsh Football is on the crest of a wave…


With another superb defensive effort the other

night in Cyprus from the whole team.


And another clinical finish from Gareth Bale,

aided by the rejuvenated Swansea-born Jazz



Wales are NEARLY there (EURO 2016).




Whatever happens on Sunday…the Welsh team

seem to be on the up and up.


On the other hand.


Our fiends over in Holland seem to be ‘on the way

down’. Even though they have been ‘Footballing

Giants’ compared to Wales over the last 3 or 4



They lost again to Iceland the other night and may

now even miss out on the Euros in France 2016.


It was a bit surreal that we had Dutch Coaches

asking us ‘what are Wales doing to be so good’?

when we were over there last week.


There’s only ONE reason they asked.


Wales are AHEAD of Holland in the World



The BIG competitions are always interesting

because whether it’s the Euros, The World Cup or

The Champion’s League…


Whoever wins makes a BIG statement as to how

the game should be played.


It’s difficult to argue with results after all.


And that’s why a lot of countries will end up

‘copying’ the winners of the BIG competitions.


In some ways, that’s GOOD.


Because ‘success leaves clues’ that others can follow.


But copying blindly is BAD.




1. What works for others may not work for you


2. What works NOW may not work in the future


Everything is constantly changing.


Look at Garry Monk at Swansea.


It’s the same in other sports like Rugby…with the All



And in other walks of life like art and business…


The best have one this in common:


They DARE to be different.


They TEST out NEW and/or different ideas…


They don’t ‘follow the crowd’.


Because they know if they do that they’ll get the same

results as ‘the crowd’.


Let's bring it back to YOU and YOUR SON.


What do the ‘crowd’ do in junior and youth Football?


They ‘try’ (operative word) and get on the treadmill.


They ‘try’ and get in with Pro Clubs.


They don’t ‘think outside the box’.


Players and parents turn up game after game just

crossing their fingers and ‘hoping’ to get somewhere.


They leave it in the lap of the Gods.


Hoping he will SOMEHOW throw off the shackles

and show what he can REALLY do.


Watching (and wincing) as others seem to be more

confident and get more 'opportunities'


And then of course, as predicted by the STATS 90+% 

will fall by the wayside (with many needing taking

years to get over the disappointment).


What do are the new breed of ‘switched-on’ aspiring

players and parents do…?


They TEST out the best coaching for their son.

They find the best qualified, MOST experienced

people to take their child to the next level.


They don't leave it to chance. Or 'probability'


They find coaching that is GUARANTEED to make


player and PERSON.


Who is ready for success on and off the pitch


Do you DARE to be different?

Apply here


Have a great weekend




PS - I'm catching up on paperwork today (booo)

and then working on the Confident Player Programme

tomorrow with two up and coming players...


Then it's off to Cardiff to watch the game (no tickets

but hoping to get one....if not will soak up the atmosphere

in the pubs)


What are you up to?