Posted: January 16th 2017

.An issue that comes up a lot in kids football and believe it or not even at the top level is just as big an issue...

When to pass the ball and when to dribble...?

That is the question (BTW Football was BRUTAL in Shakespeare's day apparently - so all the Mammy's can thank their lucky stars that Football is much safer these days)


Lots of opinions flying about on this and you will find different approaches at different clubs.

As always, at The Champion's Soccer Academy we aim to give players the 'big picture'...why understanding the game is key and then having the 'tools' (the ball skills) to use this understanding in a game; will help you to flourish no matter what team you play for.

It's all in the video - - have a watch and let me know what you think.

My first point in the video is where a lot of adults go wrong in wanting to help kids (and understand what other players are doing so therefore have more patience with everyone - much needed from adults watching the game)