Posted: May 07th 2015

Do you call your mid-day meal Dinner-Time or Lunch time?

I'm from the Eastside of Swansea so we definitely say dinner-time...

Although I have been sucked into saying 'lunch' by some evil forces.

I even said 'Mum' the other day by accident.

Just slipped out.

Don't know where it came from.

Don't worry, corrected it straight away.

What is the world coming to...?

Our Coach Huw Lloyd has been taking elocution lessons...

He's finding it hard.

(His teacher is from Penlan ha ha!)


I was sitting with one of our Coaches Stokesy at DINNER TIME on one of our Holiday Programmes a while back.

We were talking about 'what goes on at your typical 'Soccer Camps' at DINNER time.

Stokesy said on every camp he's ever worked on...

(And he's worked on hundreds, all over the world...with some well-known organiations)

'There's always at least ONE kid who sits on his own..

Always ONE kid who doesn't seem to make any friends...

But here, everyone is mixed in together. Everyone's included'

I'm not saying we never have kids falling out.

They are HUMAN after all.

But the atmosphere we create is special.

It BUILDS confidence.

It BUILDS trust.

The players LOVE it.

They feel SAFE. To be themselves.

It also helps them go to a WHOLE new level of performance.

Better kids make BETTER players. Fact.

So how do we make better people at TCSA?

At TCSA's Holiday Programmes DINNER time goes like this:

Players grab their lunch...I mean dinner boxes (doesn't sound right does it?) and head down to the cafe.

They sit in their teams with older and younger players mixed together. They enjoy their food and have a chat while we appoint captains.

Then, we have a football quiz, which the boys love. Captains are responsible for deciding on the final answer to each question (even if they are much younger than some of the other boys).

They are also responsible for making sure the tables are left clean and tidy before we leave to go back and train. Until the tables are clean, we don't go anywhere. The captains are not expected to do it all

themselves, they are encouraged to delegate!

Someone from each team asks the ladies behind the counter to borrow a cloth to wipe the tables down with. When its all spick and span.

We're ready to go...

So they LEARN about respect for their surroundings.

They are put on the spot' and are expected

to speak up in front of the group.

(We're always there to support them in case they get stuck)

We don't waste a second in the 4 hours per day on our Holiday Programmes...

Dinner time is LEARNING as well as FUN time.

The Whitsun 1/2 Term will be no different.

There is one way it will be different though...

We have a WORLD CLASS COACH coming

down to Swansea for a few LUCKY players.

Former Director of Youth at Liverpool FC, Malcolm Cook

Just 7 places left now, due to limited coach availability and our small-groups, more attention-for-the-kids policy.

CLICK HERE to secure your son's place while you've got the chance

Speak soon

PS - Tomorrow is the last day you can book the Holiday Programme and save £20 with the Early Bird - please make sure you call and book - 01792 515901 by close of play tomorrow (Friday). From saturday morning the Early Bird will be closed. CLICK HERE to get all the details