Posted: June 08th 2015

Walking like John Wayne this morning.


Epsom Baths and Cold showers are

helping me get ready for training, which

starts back tonight at TCSA...


Played in the ‘Jumpers’ For Goalposts

Tournament yesterday down Mumbles.


Was looking forward to it all week.


Hard going though.


We played some good Football but

our downfall was we couldn’t score.


Couldn’t buy a goal in fact.


Was a wake-up call for me as well.


I’ve been going to the gym 3 times per

week and thought I was getting fitter.


But ‘Football Fitness’ is different.


(Blowing out of my ass I was)


It reminded me that Football is a young

man’s game...


And you need to TRAIN almost every

day to get something worthwhile from it

as a player.


(Not play once a year like me ha ha)


Unlike Golf, where you can keep playing

into your 70’s and beyond…


There’s a smaller window of opportunity

to squeeze the most out of ‘your football’

as a player.


The players who do manage that are few

and far between…


What can make the difference in helping

 your son meet his FULL potential and get

true fulfillment from playing the game…?




And not just any coaching…


A friend was telling me yesterday that his

son and teammates got invited to an

‘Academy’ trial not long ago...


Asked for the qualifications of the coaches

and they only had the minimum

qualifications as coaches…


Hadn’t even been properly assessed.


Let me ask you a question…


Would you want to book yourself in for

Brain Surgery with a bloke who had done a

1 day crash course in Brain Surgery and was

offering ‘Bargain Weekend Specials’…?


You’d want it done properly wouldn’t you…


Of course you would.


Well it’s the same with coaching.


You want nothing short of the absolute BEST

you can find.

And not just because it will take him FURTHER

In Football.


It will also take him FURTHER in life.


Proper coaching will affect your son’s



It will give him transferable skills that can

and will set him up for a great life, if he takes the

opportunities available to him.


(Don’t believe me? CLICK HERE )


That’s why at TCSA, I’ve assembled a team of

coaches that would rival many a Pro Academy.


UEFA A Licence Coaches.  Professional Educators.

Sport Scientists. Peak Performance Coaches who

have helped athletes become World Champions.


With a combined Pro Club experience in excess

of 40 years…


It’s a Fact that plenty of Pro Clubs youth-set ups

would struggle to match this.


Yet that is what is available to ANY young, aspiring

Player with a BURNING desire to be the best he can

possibly be…


Today’s the last day you can get 2 Weeks Coaching

FREE on our Fast Start Orientation for New Players

PS - Good news for all connected with TCSA.
We have set up a link with FC Utrecht, a Dutch
Premier League Team.
TCSA Coaches will be going over to Holland in
August to observe sessions and develop a
relationship with a view to creating opportunities
for our players to progress in the professional
PPS - Some parents have been asking about
start dates for TCSA Advanced Groups.
We are looking at July and are waiting for slots
to become available at our training venue. This
is taking some time but we hope to announce
clear dates soon.