Posted: August 14th 2015

The truth is...a lot of Pro Clubs have POOR
records for producing their own players.
Their 'youth systems' are not really 'SYSTEMS'
at all...
Some are just making it up as they go along.
That's why you need to really DO YOUR
HOMEWORK if a Pro club comes calling.
These days, parents think more carefully
about which school they send their kids too.
Yet many fail to even look at whether some
Football teams are a good fit for their son.
One club with a great track record of
producing TOP players is Southampton FC.
Alan Shearer, Matt Le Tissier...
Our friend Malcolm Elias, now at Fulham,
was instrumental in finding and then
developing some of the best talents in the
country at Southampton.
Gareth Bale, Theo Walcott, Luke Shaw, Alex
Oxelade-Chamberlain are just a few of them.
Here's a documentary on 'The Southampton
Way'. Watch this if you want to know what to look
for in a Pro Club that can develop your son:
Programmes like these are great for parents to
watch. It's so important to get insight into how
Pro Clubs work, if you are aiming to 'get in there'
one day.
What you must also do is 'keep your eye on the ball'.
It doesn't matter how many clubs could sign your
It's only gonna happen if he GETS good enough.
What a lot of people get confused by is they assume
that the Pro Clubs are there to develop their kids.
They're NOT!
They're there to develop the ones THEY think have
a chance. Not EVERY player.
(And that's only right -because they cant take everyone).
The job of the player 'on the outside' aiming to 'get in'
is to BECOME the type of player that the PRO clubs
think 'Has a chance'
How do you do that?
Well, I would say this of course...
But the best way I know is through...
TCSA"s Advanced-Small-Group-Training
It gives him the kind of attention, professional coaching,
feedback, monitoring and support he needs to make
the BREAK-THROUGHS he's been dreaming about.
Have a cracking weekend
PS - TCSA's Advanced Squads are filling up. We've
had a number of applications from non-members...
We could be full within days rather than weeks