Posted: August 12th 2015

Yesterday, I let someone down. It was an honest mistake and not
life or death. But still not great.

For a split second, I was gonna start coming up with excuses...
'I'm so busy'...and all that jazz.
Also, started beating myself up a bit.

But thankfully, I stood up to it and corrected it.
Felt better straight away.
Your son can feel better about HIS mistakes as well. A lot quicker

What aspiring players can learn from mistakes:

1. It's ok to make mistakes. We're all gonna do it a lot, so we
may as well get used to it

2. Even though it's ok to make mistakes, it's important to take
responsibility for them. And take steps to make sure they are
avoided in future
3. During training its about making mistakes (by attempting to
do new things, or things you can already do but doing them
BETTER) and correcting them by doing things quicker...or
DIFFERENT in some way
4. During competition/matches, it's about eliminating 'mistakes'
- in other words, its about PERFORMING
(Important to know the difference between 3 and 4)

5. Avoid blaming others. Even if it's not your fault (it was my
fault today btw)

Be honest if you have a point you want to make to a teammate,
then let them know you are there to help them. What can you
do to help when a teammate is not playing well?
(Wouldn't you like a bit of that if you were struggling?)

6. Being accountable does not mean beating yourself up. It
means being honest about your part in results/performances

7. You want to do a trick? Do something 'different' or creative
with the ball? Fine.

You want to dribble through everyone and score?

Just take responsibility. Accept the risk. Be prepared to deal
with the consequences if it goes well (who's gonna have a go'
at you if it goes right eh?), or not so well (some might have a go).

Its YOUR risk because it's YOUR reward.

8. Mistakes give you a chance to LEARN - everyone says this.
But how?
The answer is by 'Taking the POSITIVES''
Ask yourself this...'What's positive because I made this mistake?'
What have I learned? Been reminded of? How will I be better in
future because I've made this mistake?
(Parents, let your son come up with these answers on his own as
much as you can. Why because he will OWN them)
Good stuff this innit?
It's the kind of 'stuff' our players will receive in their training journals
this season.
And Advanced Squad players will receive support with.
Monitoring progress 'as you go along' is important.
APPLY HERE for TCSA's Advanced Groups:
PS - We already have a waiting list in a couple of age-groups.
But worth applying in case spaces become available before
September (when the groups get going)