Posted: July 29th 2015

Had some interesting comments on the article

I wrote on ‘belief’ the other day.


He’s one from a parent (we’ll call him John).


“My father sucked the ambition out of me at a

young age by saying one in a million make it

as a pro so forget it (with good intentions –

not to build my hopes up) - so I subconsciously

thought ‘what's the point?’ 


What’s interesting is that I regularly get people

saying to me, ‘I bet you have to deal with some

pushy parents Frank’…


Yet I find when it comes to ambition the

opposite is more true.


Most parents are, like John’s Dad, keen not to

build their children’s hope up too much.


They want to be ‘realistic’.


As John says. this is clearly with good



Not wanting to set their children up for a big



This is what former Liverpool great Jamie

Carragher had to say on ‘making it’


“When I started at the National School in

Lilleshall, our coach told us: ‘There are 35 of

you here now, but only four or five are going

to make it.’ And he was right!


Now in my case, I always believed I was one

of those four or five. But there goes the biggest

problem – all players think they are going to

make it.!”


Summed up quite nicely by ‘Carra’.


We’re back to the power of BELIEF again.



So as parents, do you encourage them to ‘go for

it’ or not?


Well, let me ask you a question?


When your son is older, would you not want

your son to talk to a pretty girl he really

liked, just in case she blew him out?


Would you want him NOT to go for his dream

job, just in case he didn’t get it?


Fear of failure holds back so many people.


The stats only tell part of a story.


Out of the ones that don’t make it. How many

of them REALLY went for it?


How many of them just ‘thought’ it would



As opposed to BELIEVING it would (And then

DOING the things that would get them there)


Rather than focusing on ‘making it’ or not.


I’d rather focus on passion.


If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would

you LOVE to do?


If he’d LOVE to be the best footballer he

could be, above anything else, then why not

nurture that passion?


Best place to start with that this summer...?


TCSA's Summer Elite Week with former

Youth Boss Malcolm Cook:

PS - Got that Carragher quote from a
book called 'Steven Gerrard, Michael Owen
and Me'. The forward is written by Jamie
Carragher and is wort the price of the book
on its own to aspiring players and parents.
In the book, the author Mike Yates talks
about the BELIEF in ACTION that
Carragher had as he was coming through
as a kid at Liverpool...Bossing around 1st
team players. Telling them what to do,
where to go.
Carragher is not known as a player with
sublime talent. He's known as a player
who made the most of what he had.
Something which I encourage you to help
your son to become too.