Posted: September 09th 2015

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll

get what you’ve always got”


Here’s another one:


“If you find something that works, KEEP DOING IT.”


I’ve been focusing on that one this week.


Been struggling to get my head around technology.


I don’t know about you, but I’m FAR from a ‘natural’

in this area.


We’ve got a new TEXTING service for our Members

at TCSA, and I’m learning the ins and outs of it (I’m

also learning a lot of other stuff that will help us

provide a better service to our members)


RIGHT out of my comfort zone with it all.


I struggle, then start to get the hang of it. But THEN

I find myself falling off the wagon.




Because I didn’t keep ‘at it’ EVERY DAY.


I was taking a break. Not because I didn’t think it was

important. I just got busy with other things.


The problem with this boy bach?


When I’m not as CONSISTENT as I could be…it affects

the results I can get.


Gets me into a right old pickle (AKA meltdown mode).


Because when I take a break, I have to then ‘start all

over again’. Oooofffh


Whereas when I keep learning this stuff every day, as I

have been this week, I start to CRACK IT.


I solve the inevitable problems and LEARN QUICKER,

because I’m on a ROLL…


I do ‘whatever it takes’ because I’ve got MOMENTUM.


Now, I’ll never be world class at technology. Wanna

know why?


It doesn’t turn me on.


It doesn’t get my juices flowing.


But it’s one of the ‘ugly parts of the game’ that I just

need to do if I want TCSA to ‘win’.


And it sorta reminds me of a lot of aspiring Football



All they wanna do is ATTACK.


No interest in defending.


ALL players will find that if they play as hard when

defending as they do when attacking, they are much

harder to beat.


They WIN the ball back QUICKER.


And get to ATTACK MORE.


(They’ll also at the very least, stop their opponents

playing, so any goals scored will be a bonus)


But what happens?


(You know what’s coming)


They find something that works and then STOP

DOING it. Madness.


(Don’t worry, we’re all susceptible)


How do you over come it?




KEEP doing what works.


Close down EVERY TIME.


Track back EVERYTIME.


Keep doing the ‘ugly things’ and before you know it,



You know you’ve cracked it when you wouldn’t consider

stopping because of the RESULTS you are getting.


A bit like TCSA.


Our most SUCCESSFUL graduates don’t stop learning

with us EVEN when they have signed by a Pro Club.


They’ve found something that works and they KEEP

doing it.


They never want to ‘break the chain’.


Want to create a STRONG CHAIN of Soccer Success for

your son?




Frankie 'Techno Geek' Burrows


PS - Think about this one...


This summer Jonjo Shelvey sat down Garry Monk, and

his Agent and his DAD who not only knows his son

inside out, but comes from a coaching background.


Why is his Dad there?


He knows what works for Jonjo.


They don’t want to BREAK THE CHAIN.


A coincidence that Jonjo is now flying? No chance.


Garry Monk respects 'the chain' because it WORKS.


Where a lot of players go wrong is they get into a higher

level team and then BREAK THE CHAIN.


Cut themselves adrift in a 'sink or swim' game.