Posted: August 16th 2015

In the early days of setting up TCSA...


I did absolutely EVERYTHING.


Lugging balls about, ordering kit. Paperwork, book-

keeping, accounts, marketing, registration you name



And of course..coaching, which is my main



Then of course, you realise there's no way you can

'do it on your own'.


There's not enough hours in the day for a start.


And you can't be in two places at once.


Working 'silly hours' can only go on so long before

it takes a toll on your health and your ability to do

your job properly.


If I wanted a different result, I need to CHANGE and

DO SOMETHING different.

I needed HELP.

Especially with the admin.

Paperwork aint my strong point that's for sure.


Always remember my Mother saying to my Father -

"he'll make a good Teacher but I think he'll struggle

with the paperwork" (Thanks Mam)

In fact, there's a lot of stuff I'm no good at. That's why

I need a TEAM around me.

Best thing I ever did was get PROPER help.

Lisa is a born Admin person. She's incredible. I could

never do what she does. She's a dream...

Because, although when I'm coaching I'm very detail

oriented. When it comes to 'off-the-field stuff' I'm very


Lisa is great at clearing up after me and making sure

all the little details are sorted, once I've set out  what

we want and 'where we're going'


Over the last 4 years I've managed to create an

excellent team around me.


I brought Darren Vincent (The Maestro) in as a Senior



Then we added another Senior Coach, Huwy Lloyd.


Lloydy and Darren both have extensive experience

working at Professional Football Clubs developing

players who went on to play first team Football.


Both come from an Education background.


Darren with 20 years at Gower College Swansea as

a senior Psychology Lecturer...


And Loydy with the Welsh FA as a 'Coach Educator'

for many years.


We've got a top class strength and conditioning coach

who specialises in developing young players. His name

is James Prosser.


Added to my specialist area - developing CONFIDENCE,

FOCUS and a winning attitude...we have the complete



Thankfully, I realised EARLY ON that I couldn't do it all on my

own. I actually WANTED to create a platform for other Coaches

to shine as I felt that was what was missing in a lot of

cases in this country.


In Football, it's so easy to have a mindset of 'every man for



But you don't get anywhere like that.

Reminds of a lot of young, aspiring Footballers trying to

make their way in the game.

Trying to 'make it' on their own.

It's virtually impossible.

Even if you are 'lucky' enough to get into a Pro Club at a

young age. It does not guarantee you will get ALL the

support you need.


Because as I've said before...the clubs job is the set the

Bar where they want to set it.

It's not THEIR job to make sure YOU get over that bar...

If they find another player who 'clears the bar' quicker or

easier than you, they'll simply take THAT player and not


That's the reality.

But what if you could find someone outside the Pro Clubs

to help you over the bar...?

What if you could find someone who could help you with

EVERY aspect of your game...

From accelerating your ball skills and developing your

understanding of the game, your fitness to building your

CONFIDENCE so high that when you DO get a trial with

a Pro club you can walk in and look everyone in the eye

in that dressing room without flinching...

You feel like you BELONG.

You feel like you are more prepared than anyone there.


Because you've done the work in advance...



is ALL about. 




Have a great weekend




PS - We're off to Whitchurch for an Under 10 Festival today.


Hopefully be back in time to watch the Swans!