Posted: August 16th 2015

Quick Match Report:
TCSA Under 10's performed superbly at the Whitchurch
Festival in Cardiff yesterday.
Dominated the group games.
Won a thrilling semi-final after being 2-0 down and then
lost in the final... but even then learned some priceless
lessons that will make them a much stronger team.
3 boys playing up a year.
Created and scored some fantastic goals along the way.
Won a lot of friends with our style and commitment.
(One Coach from a Pro Club approached us and asked
us to arrange a game, which is always nice)
The boys are really starting to develop the TEAM TCSA
Well done all. You made your parents and coaches proud.
And the priceless lesson?
The boys had built momentum all the way to the final.
After an incredible comeback in the semi-final, as they
were making their way down to the pitch where the final
would take place, they got chatting to boys from other
They were told that the team they were playing in the final
are 'really tough'.
'A very HARD team'
They started repeating it to each other.
'They're a hard team boys'
So what did they do?
They stopped doing the things that had got them to the final
and allowed FEAR to take over...
Some of them had built up the opposition to be unbeatable.
STILL gave it their all. It was just that their ability didn't shine
as much as it had.
As it turned out, the team they played in the final were good,
but not superior in any way other in their BELIEF that they
would win
This is the value of competition.
It highlights where you're at.
And where the boys are at is they have come on a ton as a
team and as individuals.
Their technique and understanding of the game (and each other)
has progressed beyond measure.
Now they have one of 'the next steps' clear in front of them
- can they 'be themselves' no matter WHO they are playing?
No matter what the occasion?
Great lessons to learn at 10 years old.
And probably will learn over and over again as they mature.
Great lessons for life too.
Exactly what we will be able to cover in more detail on
our Advanced Groups, which means we will be able to
push the boys on even more
Exciting times.
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PS - Busy day here at TCSA Command Centre. Spending most of it
getting ready for a busy week with our Summer Elite Week and
Festival. Malcolm Cook arrives at 5ish and then we have a coaches
meeting at 7pm
PPS -Go here to see a photo of our Under 10's after
yesterday's final in Whitchurch -
PPPS - Great for the boys to have the support of Bailey Owen
yesterday. Bailey was taking a break from training with
Swansea and Wales Under 16 (a year up).
When we got to Whitchurch Bailey was already there helping
set the pitches up!
(Didn't know anyone there, just wanted to help which says a lot
about the boy)
Very proud that Bailey is a TCSA Graduate. And it showed...
He was jumpin' up and down on the sideline kicking every ball
and cheering the boys on. Learned all their names straight away
and was eulogising about what they could all do.
Lovely stuff.