Posted: September 26th 2015

Friday night was film night again in our house.

Shawshank Redemption.

(Watched it on TV too…with adverts in between

I was fighting to stay awake at the end…)

But WHAT a film.

You must have seen it, surely?

Andy Dufrain

Wrongly imprisoned for the murder of his wife.

Sent to Shawshank to serve a LIFE sentence.

His fellow inmates see him as a weak man when

he first arrives at Shawshank. The man who would

become his best friend ‘Red’  (played by Morgan

Freeman) was betting against him surviving.

But he did more than survive…

He lived as a FREE man. Even in a prison.

And ultimately, escaped by outwitting

the evil Warden Norton.

It’s one of those films where you’re like…


Couldn’t help taking a few lessons from the

film for the aspiring Footballers to chew on

as well…

1. Don’t follow the crowd

Andy Dufrain wasn’t afraid to be different.

Everyone was telling him how to ‘get on’ in

prison but he refused to be institutionalised’.

He refused to accept his fate.

A lot of players ‘accept their fate’ in Football.

‘The chances of making it are slim’ they say.

Andy Dufrain’s attitude would have been

‘someone’ has to make it, so why not me?

2. Think LONG TERM

20 years it took Andy Dufrain to tunnel his way

out of Shawshank.

The journey of a player from grass-roots to

Pro Football is not quite as long. But will take

at least years of practice, maybe more…

And like Andy Dufrain, your son is gonna have

plenty of knockbacks along the way.

Just by ‘keeping at it’, he can go a long way.

Because most will give up without short term


3. Be FREE

The bit in Shawshank where Andy locks himself

in the Warden's office and blasts out the beautiful Italian

music to the whole prison…

He was FREE. And he showed everyone else how

to be free…

In their quest to ‘get somewhere’ in Football

a lot of players forget to ENJOY it.

And become imprisoned by their own goals.

The best players are FREE out on that pitch.

They express themselves.

4. Highly Developed skills

‘Get busy living, or get busy dying’

Andy Dufrain spent his time wisely in prison. And

this is where a lot of wannabe players go wrong. BIG


He already had skills and knowledge with money

that made him very valuable to the prison guards

and eventually the warden.

He had them queuing up to do his Tax Returns.

Your Football-Mad son can get clubs queuing

for him if he develops his SKILLS to a high enough


But most don’t do that.

They follow the CROWD.

They JOIN THE CUE trying to get into clubs and

neglect practicing the things that will elevate them.

They don’t realise the clubs will JOIN THE CUE

to sign them if they just GET GOOD ENOUGH.

How do you get ‘good enough’?

1. Get MORE training in with quality coaches

2. Develop skills that will help you STAND OUT

From the crowds of others trying to make their

way in the game

Best chance to do this is TCSA’s October ½ Term ‘Elite


17 hours of accelerated learning...with some of the best

coaches in the country



Enjoy your weekend...


It's a beautiful day in Swansea




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