Posted: September 22nd 2015

Back on the wagon today after a few 'days off' from the emails...

Got up at 6am on the dot.

I know the key things that make a difference for me and one of them is WRITING EVERYDAY.

But it's hard at times to keep it going at times.


Why do I KEEP going then?


Because I KNOW it works...




Every time I write one, we get feedback from parents who are taking at least ONE thing from it. Often a lot more...




The KEY to success in ANY walk of life is...


Find something that works and KEEP doing it. EVERY DAY.


Not every now and again.


To produce consistent and reliable results whether its weight loss, passing GCSE's or A Levels we need to do that stuff EVERY DAY.

When I have a RITUAL in place I feel a PULL to go and 'do the thing' I know is GOOD FOR ME..

3 days 'off' from the emails and it didn't feel right.

Because I now have a RITUAL in place.

We're not talking superstitions here (left sock on before right sock and all that).


What I'm talking about is something that is GUARANTEED to work..

As we human beings have a habit of finding stuff that works and then NOT DOING IT. If you can do that you will set yourself apart from the majority as a player.


That's the power of RITUALS.


What rituals can YOUR son put in place...?

1. Early to Bed - is like having money in the bank for a Footballer

2. Look after his kit and get it ready (Learn how to clean his boots, the lot.

3. As TCSA's Huwy Lloyd says, 'use that time to prepare mentally for the game'...

While you clean your boots and get your bag ready you clan make 'pictures' in your mind of all the things you want to do well in the game or session the next day

One of TCSA's other Super Coaches Darren Vincent talks about Wayne Rooney, always going to see the kit man at Man United the day before a game.

He checks exactly what colour shorts, socks and Jersey United will be wearing so he can 'see' himself' out there on the pitch

4. Shake your coaches and teammates hands before the game or session starts

This connects you with everyone.

5. TALK - if you are a player who talks out on the pitch you have an advantage over maybe 90% of players out there trying to make their way in the game.

It makes EVERYTHING easier when you give instructions and encouragement to those around you.

Without it, you and your teammates are playing the game 'partially blind'

6. KNOW what you're like at your best.

If you can identify 3 or more things that you do when you are at your best and then do them in EVERY game you have a chance to be CONSISTENT



Maybe your always looking for space

Maybe you are always 'switched on'...

Maybe you talk...

Maybe you always track back...

Maybe you play and do everything quicker...


Write down what YOU do at your best and then 'see yourself' doing those things ahead of the match.


He will learn a TON more high-performance 'rituals' at TCSA's October Holiday 'Elite Week - 5 Days of Break-through Coaching that transforms players into more CONFIDENT, FOCUSED, FITTER and more SKILLFULL versions of themselves.




Have a crackin day


Frankie 'Back on the Wagon' Burrows


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