Posted: February 25th 2016

A Personal Message From Frankie

Just back from a few days down the Gower with Rachel.
Llanmadoc in North Gower. What a view from where we were staying...
Over looking the Dunes and the Sea.
We even climbed up a Rock and meditated. Rock n' roll lovely it was.
Apart from that we just slept, read books and watched films.
It was a much needed rest for me. Been flat out since Christmas. TCSA
is flying with our Membership growing and a massively successful Feb
Elite Week over 12 Term.
I used to feel guilty about taking breaks.
It still does feel a bit strange but I'm getting better at it. So important.
Much easier when I know I've got such a great team running the show
while I'm away.
Lisa and Adam behind the scenes. Then Adam, Huw Lloyd and
Tom da Silva on the 'front line' with the kids (ha ha only joking - we are
well-known for the purposeful yet fun atmosphere we create in training
What a great feeling to know that the Academy can run (almost) 100%
Frankie-Free (I did have to come back twice because I'd forgotten a
few things, despite spending about a day planning to be away).
I've been saying for ages that to fulfill our objectives, and create the
opportunities for our players to become world-beaters, TCSA must become
much bigger than me, and this week showed we are moving closer to
I sat down with Adam yesterday and pretty much everything we planned
has been done.
Not everything went exactly to plan but I can assure you that it doesn't
when I'm there either...
(Adam's WAY better than me in certain areas.So are the rest of TEAM
TCSA - that's the whole point of a team isn't it?)
But guess what?
In most cases, it doesn't have to perfect every time anyway.
'Good' is usually good enough'
Some people say 7 out of 10 every time is all you need.
That depends on your subjective view of 7.
Some couldn't stand aiming for 7 out of 10. BUT THEN AGAIN...a lot of those people don't even consistently achieve 7 out of 10
Some people have even reached 'World Class' status just by
doing the simple things well...
Such a hard thing for kids to understand as they watch the
highlights on Match of the Day, and naturally want to emulate
those highlights...
Maybe this week's video will help you to help them...
Make sure you let me know what you think
Speak soon
Frankie 'Taking It Easy' Burrows
PS - Still glowing after an amazing week last week for our
February 1/2 Term Elite Coaching Week.
If I die tomorrow, I can die proud and happy that I assembled
some of the finest human beings and coaches to come and
develop young talent in South Wales...
Not just in Elite Week's but EVERY week with the likes of
Darren Vincent, Huw Lloyd. Some of the most experienced
and skilled coaches in Wales.
Holiday Elite Week's are extra special though, as the bond,
the opportunity to influence kids on a deeper level is there.
Plus more chance to ENJOY this great game...
We were also blessed with more amazing coaches like
Malcolm Cook, former Liverpool Youth Boss and Andrew
Stokes, Man Utd International Lead Coach.
We've had a few noises made about the Super Early Bird 
for Easter Elite Week not arriving in time for some people
to take advantage.
Fair point.
So over the next couple of days I'm gonna open it back up
again for one day only.
Please keep your eye on your inbox.