Posted: May 01st 2015

Class weekend in London with Rachel.
Went to our friend Kate and Guy's wedding.
Stayed near Covent Garden.
Loved it.
Especially the crazy street entertainers.
I'm very grateful to our staff Darren Vincent, Huw Lloyd, Jessica Blanck, Adam Morgan and Andrew Pelosi for covering for me while I was away.
I've missed so many social events over the last 5 years, scrambling to get TCSA off the ground...
It's nice to get one in ha ha!
The reports from Super Sunday have been good so far...
We had this message posted on Facebook by Bob Evans, Manager of St Josephs:
"Great day in the super Sunday the boys really
enjoyed and give 100% and played a year
above themselves against 4 very good teams
Lost 1 nil to sandfields
Lost 1 nil to champions soccer academy
Drew 2 all with mumbles
Beat neath dynamos 3-1
Another great session put on by Frankie Burrows
and TCSA Staff."
I can't take any credit for it though.
I did the planning...but even then I had some help...
Where I did do well was in building a top class team of people to come and work at TCSA.
A lot of people, especially in Football, surround themselves with people who don't know as much as them...
So they will look better won't feel threatened. I decided a long time ago I was going to surround myself with people who knew more than me...
And every single one of the above people knows more than me in at least one area (probably a lot more than one area in fact).
My goals for TCSA and our players are just TOO BIG to get stuck in 'small time' thinking...
What about your son?
Does he have his backroom team sorted?
* The right kind of support from you (the right
intentions aren't always enough)?
* The right attitude?
* A complete 'backroom team' in place to help
build his skills and confidence?
* A Mentor to help guide him and make career
decisions? (someone impartial who will put
HIS needs and interests FIRST)?
* The opportunity to step up and play 'Elite
Level' matches.
*Someone to help him when he's stuck?
A lot of players have 'all the gear but no idea' when it comes to training to be the best they can be.
But YOU can get EVERYTHING your Football-Mad-Son Needs at TCSA...
(AND they say)
Go here to enrol on our FAST START ORIENTATION for NEW players in May.

PS - Putting the final touches to our 'Whitsun Elite Week' with legendary Coach Malcolm Cook. Malcolm will be with us for a whole week on our 1/2 term programme in May and will be also coaching our Elite teams in an Invitation-Only Festival in Bristol.
Invites for Under 7, U8, U9, U10 and U11 players sent out tomorrow...PROMISE!