Posted: November 23rd 2016

I’ve had a break-through few months. A number of things going on personally that gave me the gave the drive to re-focus and spend more time thinking about what I’m doing with my life and with The Champion’s Soccer Academy.

When I was a kid trying to make my way in Football I would have given ANYTHING for the chance to have professional coaches come and help me work on any aspect of my game I needed.

Like 99.9% of youngsters I had plenty of things in my make-up that went for me and some that went against me in my quest to be a great player.

I loved playing with my mates and practising on my own so in that sense I was very dedicated (and dreamed of playing at the top level) but like many kids I lacked the 'craft' knowledge and self-awareness to work on the things (skills, attitudes, behaviours) that would take me to the level I was capable of.

I knew intuitively on some level that a coach who could:

1. Teach me all the things I needed to know and be able to do in the game and..

2. Learn all everything about ME and help me get the best out of myself

Could make all the difference...

But I didn't know how to put that into words, never mind find such a person and get enough QUALITY time in with them to actually make the 'difference that would make a difference' for me.

After 20 years of dedication to coaching, soul-searching, researching, learning, a number of years spent coaching at a Pro club working with players who have gone on to be Pro’s and Internationals, studying under some of the best coaches in the world in the field of sport and performance, helping an Athlete win a World Title and in recent years along with our excellent Team at TCSA helping 18 players go from grass-roots Football to Pro Academy football...

I’m very glad to have made the definite decision to focus more on what I’m best at and most enjoy...

Helping young players to squeeze every last drop out of their potential and get lots of ENJOYMENT and fulfilment from the process of finding out how good they can be. I’ve got bogged down in the wider aspects of building a quality organisation for a while and am very proud of the Academy experience we deliver to our 130 Member players and parents and the team I’ve put together to do that.

Not just amazing coaches on the pitch but our fantastic back-up team as well.In many ways, I’ve got a lot out of that process. It’s forced me to grow in more ways than I could have imagined.

But what I do best is lead, coach and change players’ understanding of what’s possible - with the practical skills and ‘tools’ to play a BIGGER game, on and off the pitch.

That’s why over the next few months, you will see lots of new developments at TCSA in the form of new opportunities for players (and parents) who don’t want to look back and think ‘what if’.

(I know not all players will ‘make it’ but trust me, for aspiring players, the feeling of not finding out how good you could have been is worse than any feeling of ‘failure’)

You’ll have the chance to access a lot more ‘stuff’ that will help your child thrive as a player and as a person. In fact, the process has already started...

We’ve added Mastermind sessions to our Advanced groups where we get together with our most ambitious players and their parents and work on the players’goals, their mindset, look at what they need to do to overcome their obstacles and let out their inner champion.Next session is tonight at the Dragon Hotel, Swansea and I’m right up for it.

Franco Out

PS – I’ve had a great question from Andrew – one of our parents and I’m sure a lot of parents can relate:“How can I improve my son’s concentration during a game? In yesterday’s game he basically went into a daze and the game went by him thanks, Andrew"It’s hard for parents to watch when this happens. Trust me, I’ve spoken to thousands now and this is VERY common.I’m gonna answer Andrew’s question on how to improve concentration tomorrow so watch this space.