Posted: February 08th 2017

Friday's email on the importance of 'environment' seemed to go down well

with a lot of parents getting in touch to say you got something positive out 

of it - great!


Got this one message from Jane, so wanted to go through it with my answers 

so we can share the benefits of it:


"Hi Frankie

I totally agree with everything in that email! My son plays with such

confidence at TCSA. He has massively improved within

his local team. The trials, however, were another story! He played

well in the first quarter but couldn't get into the game at all for the


Funnily enough, following your session last Tuesday, I asked him

why was it that he hasn't played like he can play at the trials. He

told me it was the pressure of the coaches looking at him!"


It's great that he's improving so much Jane. He's clearly progressing and

transferring skills and confidence into situations where previously he didn't

have access to them.


Here's some quick feedback - and good stuff for all parent to be aware of -

when you ask WHY he can't do something he may come up with the reason...


Which in a way is good because it shows you have good rapport with your

child - definitely what you want. 


Even better is to help him find answers.


So here's another question to add in...'Son, what would it take for you to play

the way you do at TCSA at the next trials?'


Boom, now he's coming up with solutions - if not consciously then definitely on

an unconscious level (where the 'heavy lifting' is done in changing our habitual


"I've always said that the TCSA environment and coaching instills

confidence as it is constructive and nurturing.  

He is due to go to the next trial next week so I've told him to try and

imagine that he is playing at TCSA and to enjoy it. (Using your

technique of picturing himself as his favourite player!) 

The good thing about him having been to this trial though was, it's

the first time that he hasn't beaten himself up over not doing as well

as he wanted. He actually said, "I am going to go to the next trial and

I'm determined to do better!" So, for me, it was worth taking him, if

even just for this change of attitude!  

Thanks for all the help and advice. Have a good week." 

Thank you Jane. Now that is a success story isn't it Kieran?


That kind of attitude from Jane's boy has a good chance of transferring over

into other areas of life.


As for his ability to perform at his best in 'trials'? 


I am staying relaxed about it. 


All that matters is that he practices feeling good when he plays. the more he 

does that, the better he will 'get' at it. At 10 years old there is plenty of time

to learn to do it. And with all the skills Jane's boy is learning, it will be a sight to

behold when he finally learns to 'let it all out' in ANY situation.


It's just another skills he can and will develop with our guidance.


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Speaking of feeling good. Hope you have a great day!

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