Posted: August 30th 2016

1. Remember it's ok to make mistakes. We're all gonna be making them for the rest of our lives so we may as well get used to them. It's how we deal with them and how quickly we can 'move on' that matters

2. Mistakes can be valuable 'learning experiences' that can make us better. When everything is going great, the furthest thing from many players' minds is what they can learn to become better...

But the pain of a mistake or a defeat can motivate you to become much better

But how?

The answer: 'Take the POSITIVES''

Ask yourself this...'What's positive because I made this mistake?'

What have I learned? Been reminded of? How will I be better in
future because I've made this mistake?

2. Even though it's ok to make mistakes, it's important to take
responsibility for them. Own up to your mistakes...

'Hold your hand up'

You want to do a trick? Do something 'different' or creative
with the ball? Fine.

You want to see if you can dribble through everyone and score?

Just take responsibility. Accept the risk. Be prepared to deal
with the consequences if it goes well (who's gonna have a go'
at you if it goes right eh?), or not so well (some might have a go).

Its YOUR risk because it's YOUR reward.

Being responsible does not mean beating yourself up. It
means being honest about your part in a performances

Don't try and blame others.

3. Know the difference between LEARNING and PERFORMING

During training its about making mistakes by attempting to
do new things, or things you can already do but doing them
better, quicker...or different

That's learning. In a way, the more mistakes you make the better you can get

During competition/matches, it's about eliminating 'mistakes'
- in other words, its about performing