Posted: May 06th 2015

I get asked these type of questions every now and again:

“I understand that to meet his potential, my boy needs to dedicate himself to Football…But I don’t think HE understands that yet…What can I do to help him make the link between what he puts in, and what he gets out of the game? How do we develop his drive?”

Great questions.

(Which I’ll answer in a sec)

We cover exactly this sort of stuff on our ‘Confident Player’ and ‘Winning Attitude’ Programmes.

If I could package the benefits of these programmes into a supplement and have you take 3 table-spoons a day I would…

The only way to ‘get this stuff’ is on the live ‘Confident Player’ and ‘Winning Attitude’ Programmes – which are now full until June.

(That’s why I am working on creating ‘Information

Products’ – a series of books and videos – to make this stuff more accessible to far more parents AND players... )

But here is the BIG SECRET I will share with you today…

The FOUNDATION of all of the above results we help players and parents achieve is that:

Human Behaviour is driven by self-interest.

Even people who ‘devote their lives to others’ do it because they WANT to.

When we want kids to do what WE want them to do…

The only way to avoid a lot of nagging and stress is to make them FEEL that they are CHOOSING to do what THEY want.

So to answer the above questions about ‘drive’ and ‘putting in more to get more out of it’…

We can’t ‘make them’ DO anything.

Countless studies show that to sustain interest in an activity over a long period of time, internal motivation must be strong.

(that's why paying them for scoring goals or breaking their keep-up record, as some parents do will be counter-productive long term)

So how do we build this?

We must let it come from HIM…

What he ENJOYS?

What he wants to ACHIEVE?

What he is INTERESTED in?

How are kids meant to know ALL the benefits that commitment to a sport can bring until they’ve EXPERIENCED them…?

They can’t… can they?

That’s why with our ‘Little Champs’ (4-6 year old players), it’s all about exploring the game…

Learning without realising they are learning…

(A 'Writer downer' for you there…)

Scoring GOALS!

Having FUN.

It takes TIME to build real drive to LEARN.

It will take some small SUCCESSES that will FUEL the internal drive to become MORE.


Inspiration from people around him…


Not TELLING him what to do.

If other kids appear to be more dedicated than him, you won’t change his attitude by telling him to be more dedicated!

TRUST ME. I’ve worked with enough parents who have tried in vain.

It (the drive) WILL come.

(Unless he discovers genuine drive for something else)

Just maybe not the way you might think...

Here’s a great goal for YOU as a parent to shoot for though...

Having your kid curious enough to say…

‘How do they DO that?’

‘I wanna learn THAT’

I'll let you get curious about how YOU can make that work...

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