Posted: June 22nd 2015

Junior and Youth Football is FULL of wannabee



Everyone is trying to ‘make it’.


But MOST are getting it completely arse-



They are doing it the ‘lazy way’.


Focusing on ’who they know’

(Believing that’s what it’s all about)


Jumping on the bandwagon…


Joining ‘better’ junior teams because they

‘win more…’


They’re all searching for the ‘quick-fix’.


Jumping from one club to another or one

‘Soccer School’ to another…


Chasing ‘shiny objects’


Never putting down roots and therefore

not giving themselves the chance to grow…


Never accepting CHALLENGES


Passing on the blame for their setbacks

and disappointments onto others…


Turning up at trials with little or ZERO hours

of REAL preparation.


I could go on but I won’t…


I’d rather talk about the OPPORTUNITY all

this creates for YOUR son…


To get a HUGE advantage


(If he’s switched on enough)

So let me tell you ONE thing you can do to
beat all the ‘quick-fix-shiny-object-chasers’

It’s a bit boring actually…


(But that’s EXACTLY why the ‘shiny-object’

chasers will miss it.)


Probably the most SIMPLE way to STAND OUT

from the thousands of others trying to make

their way in the game…

* CONSISTENTLY get the BEST training you can

from the most knowledgeable and skilled coaches

you can find.


Work on the things that will make all the difference

to YOUR game…




Your FITNESS and…


Take the chance to measure yourself against top

Class teams (like TCSA players did over the weekend)


And best of all, we TEACh the skills of the game in a

way that GUARANTEES they transfer over into the

biggest game of all...the game of LIFE.



(Hint Hint)

Frankie ‘Boring Boring’ Burrows

PS- Seriously, a kid who GENUINELY wants to learn

can catch up and overtake the ‘child superstars’ if

he starts early enough and applies himself properly

with the kind of support we can offer at TCSA


The Dark Horse beats the Show Pony every time