Posted: October 08th 2015

Went down the beach again this morning after a Confident

Player session (which went very well btw – the kid is



Feelin brand new now.


It was very fresh and as you will know if you’ve been down

Caswell…beautiful scenery…


This is gonna sound a bit mushy but stay with me for

a sec…


The great thing about nature is when we see so much

beauty all around us, there’s so much to take in –

like today it was the blue sky, the sun shining, the waves,

the rocks and the sand – that it was easy for my mind

to shut off.


Nature brings us completely in the moment if we let it.


If you think about it, we are usually at our best when

we are ‘out of our minds’ and completely in the moment.


When you think of the best times in your life…


Whether it was laughing with friends…


Or PERFORMING well in sport or even at work…


You were probably very much ‘in the moment’


You were able to shut off your ‘inner voice’ for

however long and just BE.


Scientists and Psychologists call it a state of FLOW

or PEAK experiences…


In these moments, we let our ‘unconscious’ come

up with…


The right words at the right times…


The perfect solution to a challenge at work.


Or the right decision as to whether to pass, dribble

or shoot out on the Football field.



A lot of players struggle to be free when they are

ON the pitch, thanks to their ‘inner critic’.


Ironically, Paul Gascoigne (AKA Gazza) said the only

time he ever felt FREE was on the Football pitch.


Either way, there are ways that you can switch off

your ‘inner critic’ wherever you are – its what we

teach on the Confident Player Programme.




I can’t teach you that in an email, as you can imagine


But the good news is there are things we can do ANYTIME

to help switch off and focus…


1. Spend time in quiet environments with no distractions


2. Practice focusing on just ONE thing and letting go

of everything else


This is one of the reasons why we allow no spectators at

our Advanced Training sessions.


If the players are out on the pitch playing but having an internal

conversation like ‘I wonder whether my Dad saw that pass’ or

‘I hope my Dad didn’t see that mistake’ – he’s ‘in his head’, not

‘in the game’


In the same way, the last thing we want the players thinking is

‘what did my coach want me to do again?’


Trust me, it HINDERS performance.


Our job is to help direct their attention to ‘play what they see’ in

front of them.


Our job in training is to get them to see ‘patterns’ that they will

recognise during games and then sense what to do themselves.


Hard to do in the often MAD world of junior Football with adults

screaming all around them.


Much easier to achieve in TCSA’s ‘Player-friendly’ protected



To APPLY for the Advanced Programme...




Speak later




PS - We have one Under 8 space, two spaces in both the Under 11

and Under 12 groups, and a waiting list for U10 and 13-15 groups.