Posted: August 06th 2015

Like I said the other day, a lot of parents are

worried that their children will be worse off

if they don’t realise their dreams in Football.


I can tell you that the pain of not fully going

for it is worse…


Because you can’t get that time back.


At 15 years old I walked away from Swansea



Had been with the club since the age of 12.

Had the chance to commit more to the club

at 15.


Walked away because my parents didn’t feel

it was a good environment to develop in.


And they were right. It wasn’t the best.


Went back down at 17 for a 2 week trial when

Alan Curtis took over the Youth Team.


But it was too late.


Played well the first two days


Came home and said to my old man “I’ve got

a chance here”.


But I burnt out after that.

Not fit and ready for daily training.


My preparation was a million

miles away from where it needed to be to grab

that opportunity, at 17 years old, with both



The bottom line is I do regret not signing for

Swansea and giving it ‘a proper go’ at 15.




Because it was my best chance of getting the

type of consistent, high-intensity training I

needed to fulfill my potential.


Despite all the flaws in the ‘system’ at the



Thankfully, I channeled that disappointment…


And started out on a career in teaching and



Nearly 20 years later and I’ve coached

thousands of players.


A number have gone on to play at the very

highest level.


All of the players I work with today are

dreaming of that.


One such player is fighting to keep his dream



At 22, he is running out of time.


Developed as a youngster at a top continental

Club. Came to Swansea as an apprentice via

Family connections.


I worked with him at the club at the time.


His attitude was poor.


All the ability in the world.


But he didn’t get anywhere.


Went back to the continent and eventually

it dawned on him.


‘I missed my chance!’


Whereas before he was distracted by anything

and everything.


Now, his focus is laser-like.


And he’s asked me to help him have one final

push at ‘making it’.


With the pace and ability he has, he’s got something

to offer. But so have lots of others.


But now that his attitude is sorted out, he has got a

fighting chance.


So how do we stop players from throwing away

their talent?


1. Association


Being around the right people. Who can guide them.

support them. Challenge and nurture them to be better.


2. Accountability


We’re not talking about making kids do something

they don’t want to here.


We’re saying ‘if you want it, PROVE it. Show it’.


Or go and do something else with your life as its

far too short to waste time.


We’ve added a STRONG association and

accountability element to our Advanced Group

Training starting in September.




Frankie Out


PS - Here's a belter for you...


“Twenty years from now you will be more

disappointed by the things that you didn't

do than by the ones you did do. So throw

off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe


Explore. Dream. Discover.”