Posted: September 12th 2015

Just had a text off my girlfriend.


Says she's got a 'funny' film for us to watch tonight.


Been watching a few lately. Havin a laugh together.


Watched an old 'classic' the other day.



Grand Slam.



Have you seen it?


It's a short film about a group of Welshmen 'on tour'

in the late 1970s going over to France to watch the

Rugby - well worth a watch.


The Camp bloke Maldwyn is hilarious.


"I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere…SO BEWARE'




Windsor Davies plays one of the main characters

in the film Grand Slam called 'Mog Jones'.


Mog is one of those we'd say is 'hell of a boy'.


Laugh a minute.


But there are two comical moments in the film that

got me thinking about your son…


The first one is when they were on the way to the

match on the Bus.


When Glynn, Mog's friend says: "They should have

given ew a cap back in the 50's butt. Ew should have

'hooked' for Wales, full stop."


It's the same in Football. We could all come up with

our sob stories…and woulda, coulda should BUT…


The bottom line is, if you want to become a top

player you need to become SO GOOD. That EVERYONE

can see it.


(Not just your biased family and mates after a few pints

ha ha)


The second funny bit that stood out was when

Mog had just been let out of the Police Cell.


(Welsh boys eh…? I dunno)


He's trying to get to the game in his boxer shorts

and his red vest…with only a blanket that the French

Copper gave to him.


He goes to run up an escalator and he walks up the

wrong way - he's trying to run up the one that is

moving DOWN. And getting nowhere FAST.




But it reminds me of aspiring players 'trying' to 'get

somewhere’ but going NOWHERE FAST.


No matter how much EFFORT they put in there always

seems to be others moving ahead of them


Because, like our friend Mog Jones they are putting

the effort in but on the wrong 'escalator'.


They don't take time to consider properly the

best way to get 'up there’.


And without doubt the most RELIABLE way to

‘escalate’ your son’s Football career is to FINALLY

get him some proper coaching.


After all, if you wanted him to be better at Maths

(and being good at Maths was important to him)

you’d get him a private tutor wouldn’t you?


Of course you would.


And if it was REALLY important you’d go out there

and get the BEST tutor wouldn’t you?


Ready to escalate your son's game, on and off the



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Speak tomorrow


Frankie Burrows

PS -


Now I'd love to tell you that EVERY player we we've

ever coached is a world beater…


But I think you'd know that would be a load of BULL.


But what I can tell you is…


Every player who has come in and applied what we have

shown them, CONSISTENTLY over time…


HAS gone on to a higher level. Not just in his game but

in his personal development as a human being.


Like Nathan Davies:


"Nathan had a game for Cardiff last Sunday and 'Cardiff' said

he's the best signing they have had in months. He stood out on

 the pitch as being one of the best and he played out of his skin.

Thank you, for giving Nathan his confidence and love of football

 back to him X" Adele Hawkshaw (Nathan’s Mam)


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