Posted: December 17th 2015

Went to meet my old man yesterday afternoon...
Had a bit of food and a chat in Wind Street.
My Dad, or 'Buzz' as he's known by a lot of people
is like one of the boys. He's always been
someone I can talk to easily...
Or as my mate 'Pie' says: "A Good shoulder to talk to"
Ha Ha (He's always getting his cliche's mixed up Pie)
Seriously though....
It is very important to have people you can talk to about
your life and your career.
Buzz has always been a good 'Coach' and 'Mentor' for
He very rarely gives me advice. He's a great listener
Growing up, he gave me a lot of confidence JUST by
listening well.
He was good at pointing out my strengths, which also
built my confidence.
Although he didn't dispense too much advice, he DID
instill a lot of useful values in me.
He insisted that myself and my two brothers Billy and
Patrick learn how to clean our own boots, for example.
Another thing he would do is tell STORIES to get his point
across, rather than give us advice we hadn't asked for.
(Write that one down if you think your kid needs to listen
to you more...).
Don't get me wrong, in many ways it was his way or the
highway in a lot of cases. But, like I said, good values
looking back.
One Rule he had for us was 'If you don't play for them,
you can't wear the badge'
We lived in Balaclava Street, St Thomas in the Eastside
of Swansea until I was about 12 years old. And my hero,
Shaun Chapple lived across the road from us.
Shaun was one of the hottest prospects in the UK at the
time with top clubs like Man City and Brian Clough's
Nottingham Forest clambering to sign him
He chose his home-town club Swansea and I suspect, he
regrets that decision now as he played quite a few games for
the 1st team but never fulfill his significant potential.
ANYWAY, Shaun gave us a tracksuit with the Swansea
Schoolboys and Swansea City FC badges on it.
Buzz let us wear the tracksuit (we all took it in turns ha ha)
but he made us take the badges OFF.
'Why Dad?'
'Because you haven't played for them yet'
The key word was YET. Because all three of us ended up
playing for Swansea Schoolboys AND Swansea City's age-
group teams...
As a reward for getting into these teams, he bought us the
best boots 'Adidas World Cups' and 'Adidas Copa Mundials'
Trust me, before I got in the schoolboys I was often embarrassed
by the quality of boots I was bought ha ha
ANYWAY, what's the moral of the story...?
1. Make 'em EARN it
2. Help them BELIEVE they CAN earn it if they apply themselves
Otherwise, its 'ALL THE GEAR AND NO IDEA'.
Buzz was great as a 'Football Dad'. Far from perfect of course,
but never once shouted at me during a match.
Guided me as best he could.
What was missing was someone who knew the game inside out
(Buzz was more of Rugby boy). Someone who understood the
pitfalls of trying to get somewhere in the game.
Someone who knew the 'tricks of the trade'. Someone who could
teach me EVERYTHING I needed to know about the game.
And that's what TCSA is all about...
Because we exist, no kid EVER has to say 'there was nobody who
could SHOW me what I needed to do'.
Speaking of GUIDANCE...
One area where kids AND parents AND some coaches need guidance
is on the topic of WINNING or 'TAKING PART'

That's what's covered in this week's video. Enjoy: