Posted: May 17th 2015

“Frank, when one of your players gets picked up

by a Pro Club isn’t that bad for your business…?”


Been asked this one a lot.


And the answer is…




(And YES.)


I’ll explain…


If a player is FULLY ready to take advantage of the

Opportunity to sign for a Pro Club Academy…


If he has ALL the fundamental ball skills in place…


If he has a good understanding of the game…


If he has the social skills to go in and

develop healthy, productive relationships with his

new teammates and coaches


If he has developed enough physically to be able to

compete with other elite players…


If he has the self-confidence, attitude, resilience and

ability to focus and practice diligently…


If he is CURIOUS about how he could really

improve…no matter how far in front or behind he

may be…


If he and his parents understand that this is by

nature a ‘competitive environment’ where he will

be deemed wither ‘good enough’ or ‘not good enough’

for Pro Academy standard…


And they are FULLY prepared to deal with the

consequences either way…


Then, NO it’s not bad for business at TCSA at all.

If a player genuinely moves on to a higher level, its

JOB DONE by us.


Our role is to SUPPORT players, parents AND Pro

Clubs by developing players who are ready to



And of course, it's a feather in TCSA’s Cap…




But here’s where the WIN-WIN-WIN for turns into

LOSE-LOSE-LOSE for the players and parents, clubs


(and for TCSA)


When players leave us (full of confidence and

momentum) and come back anxious and deflated…


It wastes EVERYONE’S time.


Sometimes its because they simply weren’t ready…


Other times, it because they left for what they

thought was a ‘better opportunity’ to find that it



It was just the name of the club or the badge that

sucked them in…


But they didn’t find superior coaching or a better

opportunity to develop…


So YES, in these situations it’s BAD for BUSINESS…


Because we’re in the BUSINESS of helping youngsters



Enjoy the rest of your weekend


I'm off to watch the Swans!



PS  - So what can YOU take from this?


1. If your son is offered an opportunity at a Pro Club,

insist on the fact that the experience is


INHERENTLY valuable…


Character and life-skill building.


Regardless of how far he progresses in Football.


That’s what we offer at TCSA.


That fact that our training helps players go further

in the game is a by-product.


Don’t get me wrong though, there are some fantastic

Pro Academies and ‘Development Centres’ out there

who DO offer this holistic approach…


But they are not all created equal.


I know because I’ve studied a lot of them at length…


(Even had an article published in the English

FA’s Coaching Journal Insight on the Philosophical

Approaches of Premier League Academies…)


2. Insist that your son IMPROVES over time...


Of course he's gonna have ups and downs, but in

the right environment he will get better over time...


(But it's quite common for players NOT to

progress and in some cases even go backwards

- I'll leave the 'why' discussion for another day)


3. Make sure he's ENJOYING it


Again, if you think he's gonna be bouncing after

session, that's unrealistic.


But it needs to be something he is enjoying


You'd be amazed how many parents are

willing to put their families through hell enduring

a "Pro Club experience' that none of them - kids

or parents are enjoying - all just 'in case' he makes



As the saying goes..there's rarely a happy ending

to an unhappy journey..