Posted: March 09th 2017

I've got some good news and some bad news...

Good: We'll be gettin back to an early bedtime routine in our house.

Bad News: Sons of Anarchy has finished Sad times. Rachel and me were gutted. You know the drill...

Sit down at 9pm to watch 1 episode… Next minute it's gone midnight!

If you haven't watched Sons of Anarchy, its about a Biker Gang called 'Samcro' based in 'Charming', a small Californian town.

They’re ‘wild men’ as one of my Irish mates used to say.

They live according to their own ‘Bikers’ code.

And it isn’t always pretty.

Anyone who crosses them is likely to get killed, or as the ‘Sons’ say ‘Meet Mr Mayhem’.

But even though they are basically murderous thugs.. like all good stories…you find yourself pulled in…and identifying with their dreams, struggles, humour and values.

My overriding thoughts and feelings after the last episode?

It’s not how long you live, it’s how you live while you’re alive.

What impact do you want to have on those you care about before YOU meet Mr Mayhem?

I know for me, I want every aspiring player to remember it’s about falling in love with what you do. Learning about every single aspect of it. Being fascinated and enamoured with it all.

That’s what life’s all about. No ‘sacrifices’ needed.

And if you can’t find that in football. Look somewhere else because life is short.

Here’s some to make sure you stay in love with the game from Sons-of-Anarchy President Jax Teller:

1. Have a clear vision

Jax Teller, had a vision to get his Club to go ‘legit’. He had something driving him all the way.

Every player needs a vision to achieve greatness.

What level do you want to get to? Make sure it’s something that inspires you - otherwise it may not sustain you through the inevitable ups and downs. It might be emulating one of your heroes, or it could be just playing at a higher level just like you do in the park with your mates – with freedom and joy in your heart.

2. Be Open-Minded

Jax Teller was the first Sons of Anarchy President to allow Black Members into the club.

Players who want to be great, need to be open to new ideas. Ways they can improve.

And prepared to go in the opposite direction to the ‘crowd’.

3. Take responsibility

Jax did some very good and some very bad things. But ultimately, he took responsibility for it all and lived on his terms – the ultimate freedom.

Those who get the most out of the game take responsibility for getting what they want out of it. They’re too busy improving to blame others for anything that goes wrong. Responsibility and freedom go together

4. Be a Part of something Bigger Than Yourself

The brotherhood and loyalty amongst the Sons of Anarchy Members, despite all the crazy stuff they got up to, was palpable.

It got me thinking about the times in my life when I’ve experienced that great feeling of being part of something bigger (and better) than yourself. For me, it has been great groups of friends, family and right up there has to be great times in football. As player and coach.

I feel like I’m swept along at the moment by my vision to create hundreds of happy and massively successful players and people. The people (players and parents) who are on the wagon with us are inspiring me. We're putting some special teams together.

With more joining virtually everyday.

Is your child ready to be swept along?

Have a cracking day


PS – April 2017 is TCSA’s 5th Birthday. We’ve been running for 5 Years! Oooffh.