Posted: July 16th 2015

Great feedback from yesterdays 10 Break-Through Secrets
to take your game to the next level.
Lots of parents sending in great feedback.
One of the boys has already taken down his 'Van Persie'
poster and replaced it with the '10 secrets'.
That's what it's all about.
The players that take action are the ones who have a
chance of meeting their potential, I promise.
It may not happen straight away.
At TCSA we work with kids from ALL levels of the game.
Kids who just starting out at 4 years old (you wanna see
how good these kids are gonna be as they have had the
best possible start in the game)...
To Pro Academy players and even Pro Players.
We've got one TCSA Graduate Jordan Jones who is using
the '10 Secrets'.
Jordan has just started his full-time scholarship with
Swansea City. His next goal is a Pro contract.
Bailey Owen who is flying at Swansea City Academy, just
going into the Under 15's season.
He is following the '10 Secrets', I can assure you.
So what about your son?
Does he have sleep-overs the night before a game?
Well, it's time for some TOUGH LOVE..
He's wasting his own and everyone else's time.
Yes, of course kids need to have a child-hood.
They say that being good at Snooker is a sign
of a 'miss-spent youth'
(don't think Ronnie O'Sullivan would agree
with that)
Kids who love Football wouldn't have it any
other way.
Some of my happiest memories are of playing
Football as a kid.
It almost makes me laugh when parents are
concerned in case their kids don't make it.
That's nothing to fear at all.
What you should fear is that your son will go
through this journey of development without ever
properly embracing his true passion.
That he won't meet his potential as a player AND
as a person.
After decades of neglect, some Head-Teachers
are starting to recognise the value of sport in
developing successful people again...
Read this Daily Telegraph Article
Team Sport As Important As Academic Qualifications
 Have a great day


PS - Speaking of things not happening straight away...
Myself and Malcolm Cook are busy beavering away on
our book 'How to Become a Champion in Football and
It's packed full of great advice. The type of things that your
Coach doesn't always he time to help you with...
It's the kind of resource I was crying out for as a kid.
Can't wait to get it finished.