Posted: June 02nd 2015

The sun's out.
And my day has started in a good way.
I talk a lot of about helping kids go for their dreams in Football..
Our work is proven to help kids go further in the game...
But equally, if not more important, is it is also proven to help kids in life.
Got this feedback from Kelly this morning in my inbox:
"Hi Frank, 
I just wanted to say that me and Dam have nothing
but praise for you and everyone at TCSA.
When H started with you he hadn't long been
diagnosed with a life long condition that changed
not only his but all our lives.
He was anxious and nervous to the point of chewing
his sleeves, unsure of himself, angry and had totally
changed from the fun loving boy from 9 months
Me and Dam truly believe that along with his love
for football, TCSA helped him overcome his fears
and anxiety.
Through football his skills have got better, this has
made him more confident on and off the pitch.
His attitude not only towards football
but in general has improved.
He is back to being
our H, fun loving, confident, a little bit cheeky and
no sleeve chewing in sight!!!!
You have never made him feel different from any
of the other kids. Which is what me and Dam
want more than anything.
He has been dealt a crappy hand but life goes on
and feeling sorry for himself isn't going to help
anything. Positivity is the key.
I truly believe he forgets he's diabetic when he's
on the pitch and for that hour he is a normal kid
like all the others.
He cant wait to come training even 15 months
on he gets excited. You and the coaches have
listened to all the info we have told you that you
need to know about his condition and i never
feel nervous leaving him in the holidays with you
as i know he's in safe hands.
As a parent of a kid that has a few extra needs
that is a big thing!!! ( Don't go losing that pump
though its worth £5,000 lol)
I have nothing but praise for you all.
Kelly and Dam"

Wonderful. Thank you Kelly and Damian.
Makes all the hard work WORTH IT.
Well done to ALL the coaches who have played their part in Harrison's transformation.
Darren Vincent, Huw Lloyd, Andrew Stokes, Adam Morgan, Jessica Blanck, Dai Redfern, James Prosser... and anyone else who has done their bit.
How do we manage to get outcomes like this for our players...?
It's actually the same approach for Harrison as it is for players who are pushing on to Pro Football...
1. Create the right ENVIRONMENT for them to grow
2. Get to know the player and what makes him tick (we rely on parents a lot here)
3.Work out what's holding him back (Get rid of any excess baggage weighing him down)
4. Challenge, nurture and inspire him to be the best he can be
Both myself and my friend Malcolm Cook are gonna be expanding on these points at TCSA's End-of-Season-Awards Night...
Thursday 28th may 6-8pm @ The Dragon Hotel Swansea.
Call Lisa today on 07880336558 to get your tickets. Or email