Posted: November 04th 2016

'Peer pressure' is a funny thing...


We're wired as human beings to 'need' to fit in apparently - a relic of our days of cavemen and women where we lived in small 'tribes' and stepping out of line could have meant being 'done in' by the Alpha Male of the group.


Young Footballers are very sensitive to being accepted by the 'tribe'.


One has the latest Playstation game, they've all GOT to have it. 


Same with Replica Football strips, other kit and of course Football boots.


There was a programme on recently with Ex-Wales International Dean Saunders talking about the barriers to producing more Wales football heroes like we had this summer.


One lady on the programme summed up a challenge a lot of supportive parents go through. She tried to buy her boy a pair of 'cheaper' boots but he was having none of it. She ended up paying well over a hundred quid for boots and he was growing so quick they weren’t lasting long.


Don't get me wrong, I can relate to the kid because I was the same when I was a kid. I wanted the best gear...


But listen to this: Shaun Chapple (my hero who lived across the road in Balaclava Street, St Thomas) was a top schoolboy and youth player with all the big clubs after him. He captained Swansea schoolboys and played for Wales wearing boots two sizes too big for him!


His Dad Ronnie was too tight to buy Shaun a new pair every season (He takes 50 pence pieces out of his pocket with a spanner ha ha). Poor Shaun must have looked like Coco the Clown but it didn't stop him becoming a Pro footballer.


What's uncle Franco's point?


My point is NOT to say that kids shouldn't have nice things.


(I actually think it's important to look and feel good in Football and life - can't you tell by looking at me ha ha)


My point is that feeling genuinely good about yourself starts on the 'inside'. It starts with how you FEEL about yourself.


(NEWSFLASH: the clue is in the word 'SELF-Esteem' - how you feel about YOU. Not how others feel about you)


The best way to develop that through football?

Get Football coaching that develops your child as a player and as a person... 

I don’t care where you get it. Just go and do it. Whether it’s TCSA or someone else.  Free or paid. Getting the best boots and gear without getting some quality training is like buying him a Piano and then telling him to ‘crack on’ with it himself. The results will be 'hit or miss'.Most parents these days would spend money on Maths tuition if their kid was struggling in that area – Why? Because they want to set their children up for the  best life. They invest in their future. So why not invest in the best football training when you consider the long term positive influence that Football can have on a kid when delivered well.

(Not convinced? Read these success stories)

After all...replica kits, boots, playstation games, Mcdonalds Meals add little or nolasting value to a young person’s life. Training that develops REAL football and life skills, confidence and attitude – does.(And by the way if you really want them to ‘fit in’...pretty much anywhere in the world, in doesn’t half make it easier to do that if they can ‘play a bit’).

Speak soon

Frankie 'All The Gear and Plenty of Idea' Burrows

PS -  One of the best ways to develop your child through football in my not so humble, but honest opinion is our Elite Holiday Camps. We get to hit them (not literally ha ha) on so many levels over 4 x 4 hour days. We've got former Dutch Premier League Coach at Utrecht, Roland Holdinga coming over from Holland to lead the camp.