Posted: May 08th 2015

"Football players and teams will benefit from good quality coaching involving small competitive skills practices. Malcolm Cook has an impressive coaching background and I thoroughly recommend
him as a coach with young players."

Sir Alex Ferguson, Former Manager - Manchester United FC

Can you get a better endorsement than this?

Malcolm Cook is headlining our special week of training over the Whitsun 1/2 Term at Llandarcy Academy of Sport. TODAY is the last day of our Early Bird offer. A chance for you to save a tidy sum.

And a chance for your son to take GIANT LEAPS forward in his development as a player and person.

With 4 days of total immersion in learning, exploring and enjoying the game under the supervision of a master of coaching...

Our policy at TCSA, has always been to bring in the absolute BEST Coaches we can find.
Because young players in South West Wales who dare to dream of becoming a top player DESERVE the BEST.

COACHING is the KEY to getting the best out of young players...
More important than:

  • the boots they wear
  • what their hair looks like (I threw that one in to make myself feel better, as I don't have any ha ha)
  • whether they get signed early doors by a Pro team

Advanced coaching can transform the prospects of a young aspiring player...
That's why we place so much emphasis on it at TCSA.
The Proof is in the pudding. 16 players signed by Pro teams (and counting)
At TCSA, our criteria for a SENIOR Coach is that they have a PROVEN track record of developing players who have gone on to play professionally.
They all have something 'extra' too. And Malcolm is no different
As Fergie said, Malcolm Cook's background is impressive...
He has:
* Published 5 best-selling coaching books
* Been a Keynote Speaker and Coach Educator at The French Football Federation
* Is the Creator of the World-Famous Coaching Method called 'Freeflow'
Malcolm Cook is the former Liverpool Youth Boss that brought through legends of the game...
Robbie Fowler. UEFA Cup Winner. Goal-Machine for Liverpool.
Steve McManaman - UEFA Champion's League Winner with Real Madrid.
Plus loads more players who went on to play Pro'.
MORE important than that.
He is one of the finest human beings you will ever meet.
He will CHALLENGE your son.
He will MOTIVATE him.
He will INSPIRE him.
To the point where your son will NEVER be the same again (in a good way) CLICK HERE for all the info
TCSA 1/2 term with Malcolm Cook
Or call 01792 515901 TODAY to get the Early Bird.
Last Bookings taken at 7pm
Have a great weekend
(I'll be behaving/feeling sorry for myself while my mates are away for the weekend in Southport enjoying their heads off)

PS - Whether you get the Early Bird offer today or not, there are only 6 spaces left for the Whitsun Holiday Programme.
We are expecting it to fill up by close of play today.
CLICK HERE to get the rest of the info or call 01792 515901 by 7pm tonight to secure your son's place