Posted: May 09th 2015

Been watching 'The Football Mavericks' on ITV
Absolutely hooked.
(Thanks Matt Weller for the recommendation)
It shows Football from a great perspective...
It's all about how players creativity, individuality and flair have been stifled in the UK over the last 30 to 40 years...
And it highlights the 'Mavericks' who refused to 'conform'.
Glen Hoddle summed it up.
"We had the talent. We just didn't know how to
mould it, get the best out of it and protect it... and
let it flourish"

This is my passion.
How to better 'mould talent'. Something we have  largely failed to do over the last 4 decades in the UK...
Particularly in Dylan Thomas' Swansea -  'The Graveyard of Football Ambition' where so much talent has been wasted (by coaches and players)
I had a quick preview of the later episodes of 'Football Mavericks' heard a quote that caught my attention.
Wanted to share it with you as so many kids are affected by this issue...
What am I on about?

'I can't improve unless I'm playing with better players'

'I have to join the best team in the league to get better'

Now don't get me wrong...

I'm not against players moving clubs, but I often see kids (and parents) doing it for the WRONG reasons.

ITV's 'Football Mavericks' covered this issue well:


"At Southampton, where relegation was a threat

every season, Matt Le Tissier was carving out a

reputation for scoring wonder-goals and quickly

became a club legend at The Dell.


But his refusal to move to a bigger club cost

him his England career, says Glenn Hoddle. He



“He needed to go to a Chelsea at the time,

or a Tottenham, or an Arsenal, move to a bigger

club and really challenge himself. I think that would

have elevated him as a player, and I think he would

have played more for England.”

But Le Tissier disagrees. he says: “I was quite
happy with the challenge I had at Southampton,
scoring 20, 25 goals, 30 one season, in a team
that was playing at the wrong end of the table. If
that’s not enough proof that I’m a decent player,
to be able to do that in a team that is struggling,
then why do I have to go to a team that’s
challenging for honours and winning, to prove
that I’m a good player? I can do it in a bad team.”
Isn't that interesting...?

Applied to YOUR SON...
If he wants to leave for a 'better' team, he'd better make sure he REALLY is the best player in the one he is leaving...
Otherwise, he's gonna have a problem.
He'll be leaving for something 'better'...
But taking 'him' with him. With imperfections of his own.
If you can 'do it in a bad team' you can do it anywhere...
TCSA - For those who want to be able to 'do it anywhere'

PS - Look at the players who have left Swansea City over the years and failed to flourish. I would suggest Le Tissier was clever in his decision to stay at Southampton.
He stayed in an environment that suited him.
He had space to breathe. To be himself. To GROW into the player he was capable of...
That's EXACTLY what we provide at TCSA... An environment where players flourish.