Posted: June 02nd 2015

Been struggling the last few days with illness.

Not the terrible bug that seems to be doin the rounds…

I’ve been under attack.


Been following a ‘cleanse’ protocol for 4 months to sort out my insides once and for all.

Hard work.

But for me, a ‘no-brainer’.

I want my FULL health back.

I want to wake up in the morning, feeling FRESH.

(‘Francois Fresh’ is my DJ name BTW ha ha)

That’s why I ‘Got on the Wagon’ back in January.

Felt awful for a couple of months…

But I stuck with it.

Eventually it started working.

Really working.

Clearer head. More energy. No stomach pain or bloating.

But then last weekend at the National Coaches Conference Saturday night I ‘got done’ with a sucker punch.

The boys were going for food, I wanted to be Sociable as I’d already slept through the Cup Final (after a long week last week) so off we went.

As I’m ordering my food, I double check with the bloke serving us that mine is Gluten-Free.

‘100%’ he says after checking with the Chef, so I tuck into my food (LOVE food me).


Symptoms start slowly. Heart rate goes up a bit but start to feel more sleepy (strange I know).

By the time I’m back at the hotel, I’m having a FULL-ON reaction.

Heads banging. Feeling totally spaced out.

Gut is in pain.

Couldn’t concentrate properly for the last day of the conference. Felt irritable and restless.

Not good.

(Turns out there was gluten in the salad dressing which I didn’t even eat but a trace of it got into my mouth, which is all you need).

The only thing I could do was get back on the wagon and LEARN.

So what did I learn?

I identified my ‘trigger points’ for getting stuck...

1. When I’m tired I can make bad decisions and be careless, even when I think I’m being careful

2. I struggle at times with being ‘different’. I wanna be one of the boys and just be ‘normal’ (whatever that means). ‘One meal isn’t gonna harm is it?’ Relax and enjoy mun Frank…

Well, I didn’t feel relaxed after the meal I can tell you.

It’ll take a week or so but I’ll be back on track soon.

What can YOUR SON learn from this?

1. We’re ALL different. As unique as our fingerprints. In our dietary requirements, what drives us. What is stopping us from being at our best…

If you want results out of the ordinary, you need to DO things out of the ordinary

2. Know your son's 'triggers' and help him learn them too - what is he doing at his best/worst? How can you use this for him to be at his best more often?

3. He's gonna have set-backs, just like I did on the weekend. It's all about how he comes back from them.

4. Get a Coach. I don’t mess about. I find the BEST advice and support I can for my health.

Do the same for your son’s Football career.

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Speak soon

Frankie 'Back On The Wagon' Burrows

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