Posted: July 08th 2015







I normally don’t even watch the news.


(Hardly ever watch TV in fact…unless there’s

a good programme on or a Football match I

wanna watch)


But it’s hard not to notice that there’s something

significant going on in Europe at the moment.


Now, I’m no economist that’s for sure…


(Just ask Lisa…I have enough problems keeping

up with TCSA’s Accounts ha ha)


I’ve just been thinking about how we got into this

mess in the first place.


And the facts are…


It wasn’t ‘Benefit Cheats’.


But it WAS a group of people who want ‘something

for nothing’


It was the BANKERS of course.


Now I’m not talking about people like my friend

Emma who works in Santander in Union Street

(She’s probably reading this as she has a Football-

Mad son…I’ll let you off Em’ ha ha).


Who am I talking about then?


The BIG Bankers (and no it’s not a euphemism)


The people who gambled OUR money down the



(and into their own pockets)


And then asked US to bail THEM out…


While WE have to struggle, THEY keep ‘living

the dream.


Except in Iceland.


Where the SCAMMERS and SCROUNGERS at the

Kaupthing bank were jailed for up to 5 years.


What did we do with them in this country?


We kept ‘bank-rolling’ them. Giving them BIG

FAT BONUSES. Even though they failed us.


And the reason… we are given?




If we don’t give them big fat bonuses they will

LEAVE the country.


And we will lose TOP talent.


What a joke.


Let them go!


Surely we can replace them… train people to do

a better job.


Now…what the HELL has this got to do with



Quite a lot actually.


In Football, we have the same blind belief in



And ‘ability’.


Fixed mindsets.


You’ve either got it, or you haven’t.


So what’s the point in developing MORE?

They think.


Youngsters driving around in Bentley’s at Pro

Clubs before they’ve even kicked a ball for the 1st



Under 9’s thinking they’ve ‘made it’.






Did you know that the majority of kids trying

to make their way to a higher level of Football

are only scratching the surface of what they

need to be doing to meet their FULL potential?


Do your so realise what an opportunity he has

to take advantage if he ditches the ‘fixed’ mindset

and focuses on GROWTH?


A player who starts young enough can be the

‘Dark Horse’ who Ghosts past the ‘Show Ponies’…


Even if he’s behind right now.


As long as he has the right kind of coaching…


And isn’t like the bankers who want ‘something

for nothing’


TCSA Fast Start Orientation for NEW players.


PS – We have an advanced-small-group session

starting tonight for ambitious 13-16 year olds.


There is just one place remaining in this special

Group containing signed Pro Academy players.


This is the growth mindset in action. Players

Who are already ‘ahead’ of plenty of others, yet

staying humble and hungry to develop.