Posted: September 27th 2015

What a night last night for Welsh Rugby.


Did you watch the game?


So much courage. Nerve. BELIEF.


Me and Rachel were jumping around the living room

when Wales scored that try…


She prefers Rugby to Football as she can’t stand all

the antics from the Football boys…


(Probably likes the bigger muscles too in fairness)


Another Rugby boy gets wacked and she says:


“If that was a Footballer now he’d be rolling around on

the floor”…


And she’s right in’t she?


There’s so much B.S. in Football at times it makes me



Rugby’s not my number one sport but I enjoy watching

it. Especially the Internationals.


The PASSION, the INTENSITY and the SKILL involved.


I only played Rugby for a couple of years at Cefn Hengoed



Our head of year, Mr Richard Lewis (or Dai Drama as my

Brother called him) was our Rugby Coach.


I was 2nd row so just remember having my head stuck

like a ‘vice’ between two very large, sweaty backsides in

the scrum.


Thankfully, Football ‘gripped’ me from an early age ha ha


But I’m a student of all sports.


Really admire Warren Gatland and what he’s achieved with

Wales. Love his honesty and his quiet confidence.


Became friends with Mike Ruddock in 2004. The year leading

up to Wales’ first grand Slam in 20-odd years. We met up in

Sydney, Australia to discuss Coaching Philosophy.


Mike knew that I published my work with the English Premier

League Academy Coaches and was interested in it.


Mike intuitively understood the importance of philosophy.


So open-minded.


One of the finest people I’ve ever met.


Mike knew that to ‘stay ahead’ you need to be able to think

for yourself. Copy others all the time and you’ll always be

playing ‘catch up’


Bit like Football too….


What do the MAJORITY of young aspiring players do…?


Copy others.


Often, the WRONG things too. Like

diving on the floor.
wearing all the fancy coloured boots and gear
scrambling to get trials
joining development centres thinking it’s a ‘ticket to the top’

While the MINORITY of players who are successful think

for themselves.


They invest in more RELIABLE ways of getting on in the






In Rugby, Wales’ match winner Dan Biggar…and the man

he replaced, Leigh Half-Penny are famed for the endless hours

of extra practice they put in.


Yet the majority of wannabe Footballers in Wales leave it

so others can accelerate away from them because they

ignore opportunities to IMPROVE.


Then they LOSE heart and BELIEF.


Never making the CRUCIAL link between coaching,

improving and the realisation of their dreams.


What's the best chance to improve as a Footballer in



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PS - Another thing about Rugby is that is has a better culture

in many ways than Football. Respect for Referees is one.


Generally, Rugby boys tend to do better in other areas of life.

Stay on in school or college. Set up businesses. That kind of

thing. Whereas in's all or nothing. Sink or swim.


It's always been our mission at TCSA to change that. And it's

what we're doing. Churning out players who are ready to be

strong and successful ON and OFF the pitch.


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