Posted: May 01st 2015

On my way back from a cracking weekend in London and I get this from a TCSA graduate:

"I know is was with you a long time ago,
but I didn't say thank you! Thank you for
everything you done and the player
you've made me into, yesterday  before
my final I was thinking back to what you
told me in 2012, 'just play your own
game' and that's what I done' thanks

It's from Jack Miles who is now 16!
He was talking about his triumph with his teammates from Plough Colts in the Swansea Under 16 Cup Final.
This is what his Mam Mandy said:

"My little left back has taken a touch,

adjusted his feet and smashed in a

worldie!! I am beyond proud of him and

the rest of his team. Moments like this

are what makes all the rainy early

mornings over the years worth it."


This wasn't a win that 'hid a multitude of sins'...

It was a win that REVEALED a story of triumph over struggle.

I went to watch Jack in a Cup Final a few years back.

He finished on the losing side, and took it HARD.

He's come back STRONGER though.

Developed as a PERSON.

Looking forward to catching up with him and his family this week to get the full story.

Talk tomorrow


PS - The info for our May Extravaganza of Football will be out tomorrow!