Posted: August 21st 2015

We're gonna miss this boy!

Wonderful kid and family...(Thanks Mark & Donna for your kind words)

"Hiya Frank

Us as a family, would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you and your super team of coaches at the TCSA for the short but extremely worthwhile time Kaven has been part of your academy.
We have seen Kaven take giant steps the past four months both on and off the football pitch, under TCSA guidance, which has had a massive contribution in Kaven recentley being selected for Swansea City's FC u8s Pre -Academy Team for the coming season (playing a year up aswell), with exciting fixtures like Arsenal and Chelsea to come!
We all feel a special mention must be given to Huw Lloyd who immediatley grew a bond with Kaven, constantley supporting and comforting him when things wasnt going his way on the pitch, the 1-1 and 2-1 with lloydy was always the highlight of Kavens week and we feel had a massive contribution in Kavens rapid improvement whilst being a TCSA member.
That's all Kaven ever says is Lloydy said this and Lloydy said that, think hes Kaven's hero, lol!
Unfortunatley due to Kaven's hectic schedule with Swansea City and his local club team, we will have to finish with the TCSA weekly programme but after Kaven's instruction we have already signed up to October's half term programme.
Thanks again for a super time at TCSA and if things dont go to plan with Swansea City, we wouldnt hesitate what academy to bring him back to! TCSA all the way!"

Many Thanks

Mark, Donna and Kaven