Posted: June 26th 2015

Remember the other day I was talking about RESULTS?


It’s something that we get very confused about in junior Football…


 ‘How else can you measure success?’ They ask


Well let’s ask old Heiko Vogel - Under 19 Coach at Bayern Munich –

shall we?


“Other clubs’ youth departments have to define themselves by titles,”

Vogel said in a recent interview in the Irish times.


“Here we have the luck that the club has the opinion that to prepare

the player for the first team is much more important because if you

have to win titles, then for me, it’s a different selection. I would pick

stronger, more physical players, but to win a title now isn’t the point

for me. It doesn’t matter.”


When it’s put to him that smaller clubs are proud of the ones they have

won, Vogel has a great comeback…


“But we also have won a title,”

“A World Championship. Five players from [the academy at] Bayern

Munich in the starting formation. This is our title!”


BRAVO Heiko!


Bloody brilliant.


That’s what it’s all about.


It’s hard to argue with a guy that winning is important at junior and youth

levels when he has produced nearly half a team of WORLD CUP winners.


It’s nice to remind ourselves that the producers of top talents take this

long term, development-over-short-term-result approach.


Gives us STRENGTH to deal with the inevitable fall-out of preparing

players to have all the ‘tools’ to win in the FUTURE as opposed to



Don’t get me wrong, I prefer to win NOW as well.


And we want our players to be AGGRESSIVE and competitive.


(I wince inside when a goal goes in against a team I am coaching)


But not at the expense of developing the FULL repertoire of skills

needed to win 10, 15, 20  years from now…


Here’s why LEARNING and DEVELOPMENT should be a KEY

priority if we want WINNERS of the future:


We don’t know what the game will be like in the future.


It’s changing all the time.


“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while

the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal

with a world that no longer exists.”

Eric Hoffer


This is why...


At TCSA we will measure our success by how many of our players

go on to better things…


Not just in Football either.


It’s what they do off the pitch that we’re just as interested in.

Football gives us such an opportunity to develop your kid as a person




Because FOOTBALL is what EXCITES him.


That’s why we spend time making better people in order to make

better players.

One will follow the other like night follows day.

CLICK HERE to read some of the ways we do this


PS - Big weekend of Football coming up with TCSA
taking 5 teams to the Carmarthen Stars Festival.
We have a fantastic programme of summer fixtures
with the Welsh Super Cup coming up in July.
Now's the time to get a FAST START for players
looking to get quality coaching so they can get an
'edge' over the summer months.