Posted: September 16th 2015

The Sopranos…


One of my favourite TV shows.


Love it.


When I think about it, the show’s got everything…


A great soundtrack and dark humour…




Struggles for power


(Bit like Football really!)


One of Tony Sopranos famous lines was:


“One thing about us wise guys, is the hustle never



Hustle is an American term meaning:


to ‘obtain illicitly or by forceful action.’


(Yep, that sounds like ‘Toany’).


But here’s another meaning for ‘hustle’


‘a state of great activity.’


And I bet you feel at times like ‘the hustle’ never

ends as a Football Parent.


Endless taxi-rides for your Football-Mad Kid.

Washing kit. Juggling so many balls just to get him



Then watching ‘helplessly’ from the sidelines,

having to watch him fend for himself…


(as he deals with ‘illicit or forceful action by other

players’ ha ha)


Is all this ‘hustle’ WORTH it? You might ask yourself…


Here’s how to tell:


1. Does he LOVE it?


Does he always want to kick a ball?

Does he love to just play?





If you can answer YES to these questions

then you already KNOW he loves it.


It’s important to remember this because

when it feels like ‘the hustle never ends’

for you…


It’s good to know that you are involved

in a ‘labour of love’ for your son. Helping

him to pursue his passion.


Because a lot of parents are concerned about

kids ‘doing too much’.


Yet to become great at anything…whether

it’s playing the piano, or playing Football

then the ‘hustle will never end’…


What a lot of people forget is, it can still

be ENJOYED. ..


You may have to say ‘NO’ to other things…


In order to sat ‘YES’ to being great at

Football. But you know you’re on the

right path when your son wouldn’t want

to do anything else with his time.


At TCSA, us coaches are the same.


We’re never clock-watching thinking I

can’t wait to finish (Well I am if I’m doing

paperwork ha ha).


But when it comes to coaching, we’re

completely lost in the moment.


Your son is probably the same if he loves

the game.


And THAT’s what life’s about innit?


Oh yeh, nearly forgot…


What’s the second way to know that it’s

worth the all the ‘hustle’?


 Is He Getting The Best Coaching?


Better coaching will make it SO much more

worth it.


It will build confidence, a winning attitude to

life as well as skills to play the game.


PLUS...proper coaching takes all the guesswork

out of it.


One of the biggest questions when it comes

to deciding if its all worth it is…


‘How good can he be?’


When you have PROPER coaching you have

a chance to find out.


Is he ready to find out how good he could be?




Frankie 'Wise Guy' Burrows


PS - Having a great time with our friend Roland

Holdinga over for a week from Holland. He's been

coaching with us and loved getting to know the



PPS - Putting the finishing touches to our October

Elite Week today...with a couple of new twists to

this already massively successful programme


Watch this space for the details