Posted: July 05th 2015

Let’s be honest most of us LOVE having nice things

said about us.


I know I feel 10 feet tall when we get nice feedback from

players and parents,..


I bet you’re the same.


And I bet you LOVE having people say nice things

about you.


And ESPECIALLY your son.


Being HUMAN…


We don’t seem to enjoy ‘negative feedback’ as much.


Now, as a Teacher and as a Coach…I have been used

to people pulling apart every little part of my sessions.


My planning and organization. My subject knowledge.


My ability to assess players and students.


My ability get my message across.


What I said, how I said it. The lot.


This was the rigorous training I went through as a

Teacher and as a Coach.


When I get feedback from someone who knows what

they’re talking about…


I value it.


Don’t always enjoy it if it’s ‘negative’ but if I can see

it would make me better, and more importantly, our

players better, I’ll use it.


Celvin & Rachel Davies had some ‘negative’ feedback

from someone who’s opinions they valued.


Their son Sam’s Teachers.


According to Sam’s Teachers concentration was poor

and he was falling behind with his school work in

maths and reading…


Celvin and Rachel couldn’t disagree.  They’d noticed

the same thing at home.


So they didn’t get defensive. They got PROACTIVE.


They joined TCSA.


But even after joining TCSA, Sam had ‘issues with



I remember asking Sam in training one night if he

was coming to our Parents v Kids Games on the



He said 'I can't, because I'm afraid of crowds'.


So I offered him a deal, if he shows up

I'll help him smash his fear of crowds. He seemed

happy with that and shook on it.



turn up.


So Celvin and Rachel enrolled Sam on the Confident

Player Programme.


6 months later, and we have a different kid on our



Sam came up and received an Award for most

Improved Player and ‘highest attendance’ at our

Awards Night in May.


And he had a casual conversation with me in front

of ooohhh…100 people.


Celvin and Rachel said:


“He is becoming more and more confident.. his

skills are improving week by week and really

enjoys going to the sessions at TCSA…


Sam is now happy to try things and join in with

activities and doesn’t feel inhibited”


And what about FEEDBACK from his Teachers?


Sam’s teachers have noticed an improvement with

his concentration and motivation, and so have we.

He received a certificate last week for ‘Improvement

 in ALL Areas’.


His reading has improved and he enjoys doing all

his home learning which we sit down and have fun

with together.”


Now that’s something worth shouting about. Wouldn’t

you agree?


When you have the right kind of coaching, NOTHING

will hold you back.


Have a cracking Sunday


I’m off to the Gym, then down to our new house – we

had the keys last week, so I’d better give Rachel a hand

with the decorating!


Frankie ‘DIY Failure’ Burrows


PS – 2 slots have become available on the Confident

Player Programme due to 2 families finishing this month.


CLICK BELOW to apply


PPS - Read more of Sam's story by CLICKING HERE